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  • Comment on Who will be the Habs’ first-round pick? (with Trevor Timmins audio) (2014-06-27 17:36:55)
    Just seen on twitter that the #1 pick is seriously in play, with Vancouver making a serious pitch. Sedins maybe?
  • Comment on Who will be the Habs’ first-round pick? (with Trevor Timmins audio) (2014-06-26 16:30:51)
    What do you think the odds are that he (Goldobin) will still be on the board when the Habs pick?
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 09:53:49)
    Assuming Florida keeps their pick and selects Eckblad, I suppose Gudbranson may slightly more expendable. I honestly can't think of many players on the Habs (outside of our core) that would interest the Panthers. They are a young team, but are fairly deep in terms of their prospect pool and their current roster.
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 09:46:05)
    So Marc Bergevin has indicated he wants to try to move up in the draft. He tried this last year too but wasn't able to get it done. How realistic is it to expect the team may move up in this draft, and if they do, any particular player they might be coveting?
  • Comment on Unlikely hero Neil pulls Senators even with Rangers (2012-04-15 19:29:21)
    I had to admit, I never did like the Flyers. However, I have respect for the team that looks to sweep the team which was the odds on favourite to win the Cup this year, and sweep them handedly at that. Fleury is terrible. He has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. So many odd man rushes in this series. If Philly goes on, and I honestly believe they will sweep the Pens, they are a scary team. Would LOVE to see them and the Bruins play. At least with the Bruins there is a goalie who will present a challenge to the offensively gifted Flyers. Question: What do you think will happen in the off season for the Pens? Any major moves?
  • Comment on Last time Habs drafted No. 3 overall… (2012-04-11 21:26:46)
    Well, they had to start the rebuild somewhere. They are potentially going to have a first line made up entirely of 1st overall picks. Has that ever happened before? Insanity. I have also heard that apparently the Oilers have some decent D prospects in their system. I honestly haven't read up on them, but if they develop and are ready to join the club once the crown jewels mature, look out. I think keeping Ryan Smith around would be a good idea. Throw in a couple more leadership and grit players and they will be set.
  • Comment on Video from the last morning in Brossard (2012-04-09 20:13:10)
    Thats the thing. Professionalism. You don't talk bad about your team mate in public. I don't really know what to make of the Markov comments, or should I say lack thereof, regarding PK. I have always taken Markov to be very professional, so I do find it difficult to believe there is any malice behind what occurred. Of course, at the slightest sign of potential drama the speculation begins. Hopefully this is nothing. The team cannot afford to have their two best defensemen at odds.
  • Comment on Savard denies he’ll be über-VP (2012-04-08 21:14:34)
    How much of a certainty is it that there will be an amnesty clause in the next CBA? If there is not, I really hope that the incoming GM will do something about the overpaid, extremely underachieving players (Gomez). It is bad enough that so much salary is being used, but in the case of someone like Gomez, they are playing minutes which could be given to some of our younger players. I will say that I think burying Gomez AND say Kaberle and possibly Bourque in the minors is gonna require Geoff Molson to dig deep. That is ALOT of money for essentially nothing. Although, it is not like the team was getting it's moneys worth anyways.
  • Comment on Savard denies he’ll be über-VP (2012-04-08 21:03:41)
    I can see St. Louis or Nashville in the West taking in Pittsburgh or Philly. Whoever represents the West I see taking the Cup.