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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-16 15:38:19)
    Not only did Crawford NOT settle thing down, he encouraged the opposite. Moore fought Cooke and had the gall to actually handle himself quite well. This further infuriated Crawford and the players. When the game got out of hand, things turned ugly. We all know the result. But this was discussed and planned long before the rematch. And please lets not forget the involvement of tough guy Brian Burke. He was a guilty as anybody.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 11:22:08)
    I can actually see Matt while reading your post.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 11:16:42)
    I guess it comes down to who you want to play. If it's me, I rest four or five guys and win or lose, hope we play the Leafs. The Isles with JT scare me, and Ottawa with Karlsson back in the lineup, are a much more talented team than the Leafs. Also, Reimer has no playoff experience.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 00:55:04)
    I like him as well. Just seemed odd for MT to insert him in place of the surprisingly good Kaberle. I smell a trade. Hope he's not hurt too bad.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 00:31:45)
    Was Webber being showcased tonight? If so, he didn't exactly impress. Injured as well.
  • Comment on Ryder: “It’s good to be back” (2013-03-01 15:05:53)
    I think you're missing the point. I did not see the scrap last night, but if Scott took a run at a Florida player, are you suggesting it would be better to have no response at all? Would it be OK for Scott to take several subsequent runs at Florida players with impunity? Two nights ago Dion Phaneuf took at least three hellacious runs at our skilled players. The worst one on Gallagher at our blue line. Thankfully we have a character guy in Prust who challenged the coward, and in so doing, sent a message that it's unacceptable to run our smaller players. But we cannot let Prust (Middleweight) do it alone. We need guys ,like a Parros for example, who we can insert into the lineup when playing teams like Toronto, Boston, Philly etc. Otherwise I fear some of our skilled guys are going to get hurt.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-26 15:19:34)
    I don't think the Habs history of cups will back up your opinion. In our better days, we always had a stable of policemen who we could insert in our line-up when facing truculent oponents. If not, it opens up the possibility of Guys like Orr taking runs at our smaller players. Did you enjoy seeing Orr "clock" Bourque? How about Georges fighting a goon like McClaren? How many scraps do you want to see Gallagher in, giving away 30 pounds? Is it worth it to protect Chucky? Look at our history. Ferguson played on the wing with big Jean for a reason. Lupien, Bouchard and Chartraw were always dressed when playing Boston and Philly in the 70's. Same with Kordic in the 80's. Would a guy like McGratten or Parros be less productive than Armstrong or Moen?
  • Comment on Gallagher skates, but won’t face Islanders (2013-02-21 15:48:35)
    Ha, thanks for that. My first thought was Big John Ferguson, our greatest policeman ever. Yes, Erskine would fit the bill as well, but I think Parros is more available.
  • Comment on Gallagher skates, but won’t face Islanders (2013-02-21 14:14:26)
    I've been a "new-be"on this blog for about a year now, but haven't posted very often. I do enjoy my daily coffee and reading the insightful and entertaining comments tho. I would like to respond to a previous comment inre: the Habs toughness. I'm concerned about the liberties some teams are taking when playing us, and it is only a matter of time before the Colton Orr's of the league connect with the Tomas Plekaneck's on our team. In our glory years we always had that "presence" in our line up. ie, Bouchard, Lupien, Chartraw etc. that were inserted when needed. This allowed our skilled guys to play their game. Boston gooned it up a couple years ago (Campbell vs Pyatt, Thorton vs Hamrlk), and the Leafs did the same a couple of weeks ago. We had no real response. Prust and White are middle weights. and take regular shifts as well. With the disappointing start for the Panthers, I suggest George Parros is ripe for the taking. Wouldn't cost us much, affordable salary, and you dress him when needed. Lets face it, he provides the same goal production as Moen and Armstrong, but would provide a much better physical option.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:21:29)
    Tell me, why do we have Moen and Armstrong in our line-up? They don't score, they don't hit, and they never fight. So would we be worse off with a couple af guys like Brad Staubits patrolling the wing on third and fourth line? The Habs are the softest team in the league and every opponent knows it. If we don't bring in a couple of physical policemen, our young guys are going to get hurt. Prust cannot do it alone. Is there a guy out there like Dave Manson?