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  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-08 23:07:46)
    I've posted numerous articles on my blog about the negative impact of fighting on hockey and I encourage fans to get the facts before repeating all the old myths about why it remains in the game. Teams can play tough without having a goon sitting on the end of the bench. And if fighting reduces cheap shots and violence, why were the late 70's and 80's full of stick swinging, spearing, slashing and elbows - when enforcers and fighting was at it's peak. Today Hockey is the most violent of professional sports because it tolerates fighting. It's time for the NHL and NHLPA to agree to a 1-game suspension for any fight. That would immediately eliminate the one-dimensional goon and if players want to fight then it would be for a very important reason.
  • Comment on Take me out to the brawl game (2012-03-24 19:41:59)
    First of all, fighting is not part of the game - that's why there are penalties when players drop the gloves. It also does not change momentum or police the game but it does injure players and ruin a beautiful game. After almost 50 years of playing and watching hockey I am hopeful that the NHL is finally looking at fighting and thinking of ways to reduce or eliminate it. Junior hockey will likely ban it starting next year although it may take a few years for all leagues to get on board. Then we will get players, euros, NCAA and Canadian Juniors, whose hockey culture does not include fighting. Perceptions will change and the NHL and NHLPA will do the right thing and ease fighting out of the sport.