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Can't F#*k with history!!!

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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 03:11:26)
    Thanks for the posts all season long Boony! Win or lose the column was always spot on, well most of the time ;-P, and never ceased to bring a smile to my face during the season. All the best in the offseason! Can't F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-28 03:17:28)
    Boone's got the best posts. In my opinion, Pleky does deserve to wear the C regardless next season. Exemplifies effort and has les bleu, blanc et rouge, longer than Gio has. 4 lines clicking and we win in Florida and that pretty much seals the deal. Though it would be nice to get home ice vs. the Lightning. Not much to complain about with the Ws rolling in and things click offensively headed into the playoffs. Can't wait for Gorges to come back cause the Cube belongs in the press box. Go Flyers! Can't F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-26 03:01:23)
    Lo and behold TSN blocked my comments calling out their network and CBC as Leaf Blowers. Go figure. No course words even, I guess landscaping equipment deserves screening? Nice boring game but at least the defence and goaltending is getting in a groove. We seem to have a decent amount of depth this year to be able to deal with these injuries but it's not like we have lost stars. Will be nice when Gorges gets back out there with Weise, Prusty and Moen ready for playoffs. Eller just might be best served in a checking role duty. Might be best for his psyche and place less expectations offensively playing with better talent. He battles hard at least. Let's hope we stay injury free the rest of the season and into the real season. GHG! Can't F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 01:15:58)
    Booner nailed it again. Props! Can't F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 01:14:43)
    Leaf-blowers can suck it. Brutal. Already acting like the Habs are in a separate sovereign nation. Big win. Fully healthy Leafs tonight and we hung around with some injuries. Frankie the Cube did what he needed to, and although the D looked rough, with Pricey back their and on his game we always stand a chance. Will be a good test on Monday and those Red Wings games will determine positioning in the post-season. The lines look okay but how long till Therrien starts tinkering? Would like to see White get a chance Monday against the Bruins - he always brings heart against them. One game at a time but playoff hockey is that much closer and we beat the Loafs. Sleep easy all! Can't F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on Therrien shuffles lines; Budaj will face Sabres with new contract (2013-04-10 14:57:29)
    Drewiskie looked outstanding in the Bruins game stepping in for Emelin. I say bring in Kaberle or Weber for the second powerplay unit. Beaulieu is too easily knocked off the puck he needs to mature a bit more. Weber has that great right handed shot we could use on the PP. Can\'t F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on Kovalev returns to Bell Centre Tuesday night (2013-01-20 18:50:49)
    Can't help but respect him. He was the best offensive player for the Habs while he was in Montreal. Hopefully he gets a warm reception. Can\'t F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on Leblanc, Tinordi among Habs cuts; Galchenyuk stays (2013-01-19 01:42:21)
    Thankgod for RDS HD. I can't wait to watch the game without listening to the English CBC cast. Let's stay healthy*knocks on wood*, get PK back and get back in the top 8 this year. Can\'t F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on Diaz gracious winner of very unofficial Swiss scoring award (2013-01-16 01:33:07)
    Stubbsy, you are truly a f#@ing legend for doing all of this. Truly! Can\'t F#*k with history!!!
  • Comment on Happy holidays as Habs post fantasy win over Leafs (2012-12-23 04:52:35)
    Gomez on the fourth line would add speed and skill, teamed up with White and Prust. This statement with an asterisk beside it, like the whole #*#@ing season. Can\'t F#*k with history!!!