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  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-14 01:19:46)
    Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher Galchenyuk-PLekanec-Parenteau Bournival-Eller-Sekac Prust-Malhotra-Weise Depth List: Bourque De La Rose Moen
  • Comment on Betts claimed off waivers; Woywitka on waivers; Palushaj, Blunden, Schultz to Hamilton (2011-10-05 13:56:40)
    Getting betts was a huge steal in my opinion. Max talbot and the play of matt read was the reason for the flyers having waived betts. What a good, but obvious move by gauthier. Also, brayden got sent down to reduce the effect of his bonus against the salary cap. He'll be recalled immediately. What happens with weber now?
  • Comment on Canadiens sign D-man Campoli, announce cuts; Gallagher still on roster (2011-09-26 17:09:30)
    Ya, my thoughts exactly. No doubt Weber is weak defensively, and no doubt Diaz is weak physically, atleast for now.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign D-man Campoli, announce cuts; Gallagher still on roster (2011-09-26 17:06:01)
    Campoli is a solid signing. He's a very strong skater, and can play the point on the powerplay. I've been wondering all along what the back-end of our second unit would look like, and i couldn't come up with many solid combinations. Campoli plugs that hole perfectly (that's what she said?). He also makes a good first pass, has above average puck control, and has recently bulked up and become a pretty effective open ice checker. I'm actually really excited to see him play. He's way better than Gill, and there's no question Markov is going to miss a few weeks at the very least. Our D looks pretty solid now, Subban-Yemelin, Gorges-Gill, Spacek-Campoli. And those are the combinations with Markov being injured. Weber has looked weak defensively so far in the preseason, and his poor play may ultimately have been the reason for this signing. Who knows though? Maybe we've got a trade in the works.
  • Comment on HIO live-blog MIA (2011-09-26 16:00:46)
  • Comment on Another L for Habs .. and a stinkeroo against THEM! (2011-09-25 17:23:59)
    Where'd you read this. I've been worried about the little firecracker. Can't wait to see him in action again. And yeah, one would think pk shouldn't be too bad considering how well he played. Who thinks Gallagher is gonna pot one tonight? I do!!
  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gomez key Canadiens’ win (2011-09-23 18:00:59)
    I live in toronto and have rogers. For me on channel 607 which is ris, it shows that it's broadcasting the game from 9 to 10. I also think there's a chance they show footage on sports 30 before that coverage starts. Cheers.
  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gomez key Canadiens’ win (2011-09-23 17:42:44)
    I really just love preseason hockey. I don't put any value on wins or losses or even the performance of the guys that will be on our squad opening night. Here's my take so far. Beaulieu. Kid started off nervous but somehow gained a ton of confidence as the game progressed. His skating was even stronger than advertised and he showed great vision and creativity. He's still way too small to play with the big boys, but the skills he demonstrated provide the foundation for a very good nhl defenseman. Yemelin. Not much more to say about this kid other than he looked to be completely nhl ready. His skating was very smooth, and he seemed to have a decent amount of poise with the puck. Gallagher. He didn't really get too many scoring opportunities until the third period. I was impressed by his level of energy and he displayed good confidence in attacking the net, taking slapshots and dangling. I do however agree with some that his speed was a little slow for a player of his size. Overall, i was pretty impressed at his prospects. I expect him to put up a point or two tonight playing with gomez and patches. Subban. He was hands down the best player on the ice against buffalo. He looks stronger and better than he did last season. His shot was ridiculous. Kid's a stud. I'm sure his injury is very minor. Palushaj. He was terrible. Very soft. Not a big fan of the kid. Trotter. He looked really good in the first period. Will definitely get some playing time with the big boys once the injury bug strikes. Budaj. Positioning looked very sharp. I thought he was a very smart signing and i'm excited to see more of him in action. Pacioretty. Man he looked fast and strong. He was also reading the play very well and was setting up fast for one timers. His one timing skills are very underrated. Diaz. Kid played a pretty solid game. In the middle of the ice, he's strong, skates well and makes good, confident decisions. I question his ability to compete hard in the corners/deep in our zone. Enqvist. Meh. Hasn't really done anything good or bad. I personally thought dumont skated a little better.
  • Comment on No hockey from Hickey (2010-07-23 16:00:04)

    Great video first of all, goes great with the eminem song. Generally, i write longer posts in response to someone or to talk about a topic of interest. But since there's nothing going on with the team lately, i just have two simple questions to ask?

    1) Why is there so little information on the team's prospect camp? How did our boys look?

    2) What's the deal with MaxPac? Did he get injured last year, because when you look at his total games played (combining NHL and AHL) from last season, it's a smaller than usual number? Why isn't he constantly in the discussion of being a top 6 forward on our team? He played okay for us, and he did show some or even many, flashes of great potential.

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 16:57:39)

    I'm a believer in that anytime a team that loses some of their star players for upwards of 2 or 3 months and still manages to make the playoffs, and then EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, had a GOOD season.