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  • Comment on Therrien shuffles lines; Budaj will face Sabres with new contract (2013-04-11 03:48:44)
    Stupid! I'm sorry!!! But, desharnais-pacioretty "chemistry" hasn't been that evident this shortened season! While Gallagher IS A bad dude!!! I'd much rather see Desharnais on the Moen-Halpern line! Maybe, Therrien has tried it in practise, if so... Forgive my ignorance...my frustration stems from, while Desharnais being a true talent... It barely matters when he is knocked off the puck every 1/2 sec., bhe is has the puck! Sure, same could almost be said for Gallagher, but he seems to get right back on the puck, where as DD seems to give up! Anyway, logic would dictate, IMHO, to keep lines with small dudes(often playmakers), with the bigger dudes, that could potentially create more opportunities for the "skilled" fast feisty dudes to score! Pleky-Gionta are excluded, because they both play bigger than they are, though... They do at times are simply beat because if their lack of size! As for the D! While I'm one of P.K.'s biggest fans! I'm one of his largest critics! But, the keyword is critic, as in critique! The guy is so bad ass, that when his age, shows in ego-maniacal plays, it's frustrating! You know, he is the real deal, and often his on Ice posturing when it goes bad, leaves one open for the worst in criticism, because, he seems to try and SHOW THE WORLD that he is the best d-man, rather than JUST BE the best d-man! I blame it on age, and the media! "Hey P.K.!!!!" "Don't believe the hype!" You're shining for sure so far! But, you still aren't playing playing to your TRUE potential, and you know it! So quit trying, and just like your sponsors slogan says, "Just Do It!" Or as we use to say before Nike!, " Lastly, the motto for our Habs this year is "No Excuses". Well, that's gotta go for the coach, too!!! Trust your gut Coach Therrien! It's not that big for no reason!!! Understand????
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-28 06:36:52)
    Yeup! In so tired of the P.K. bashing and gorges love! Gorges, shows that he's kind an ass towards P.K. consistently! And, it was he that cost Habs the 1st goal! Not to mention, Gorges has been on the ice for way more goals against, than P.K. And P.K. Has been in ice for more goals! Mr. Gorges needs to take a bite of some humble pie, shut the fuck up, and learn how to respect all of your teammates! He is not a leader, he seems more like whiner! Just sayin!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 18:03:09)
    From Todays "notebook" on Canadiens website... Love what you do: There’s an old expression that when you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. That could explain why, despite being put through a tough, 75 minute workout at Rexall Place on Wednesday afternoon, the Habs were in good spirits, enjoying their extra reps and battle drills. “You know what? Today was hard work and if that’s fun, we have to do that a little more often,” confirmed head coach Randy Cunneyworth. “There was a lot of contact today. That’s something I felt we didn’t do enough of last night. We worked at it today and hopefully that will filter into tomorrow’s game. There are plenty of things that go into the formula to compete and work hard and try to get the ‘W’. We have to have more of that." Did you read me post RC?? Word up Dude!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 15:44:38)
    I actually went to the Habs official website and read the CV's for our illustrious mgmt... Funny thing about how they all read so "impressive" as what CV's usually are, hyped up BS!!! With all those achievements they can't seem to get their heads out of their asses, to actually see what's arguably missing from this team, besides drive, and having given up! Randy Cunneyworth, is to caught up in???? Anyway, they aren't having fun playing hockey. !!!!!! OK, so you're not going to make the playoffs! So, then just play the F'n game for why you play it in the first place... TO HAVE FUN!!! To be fair, after Lars Eller's goal, there was a desire to try and comeback last night... That's not what I'm talking about completely... Lift your heads up bitches, and play for the reasons as to why you don't work day jobs!! Forget about the lame ass media critics and their critiques... They aren't the ones on the ice! Neither are we, your loyal fans!! Everybody likes to watch people having fun! Yes, it's no fun losing... I strongly believe if you focus why you love playing hockey, and the fun you have for it, things might turn around!!! "Why cry two tears in bucket, Fuck it!! Take it to the stage!!!" -George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic... just sayin, a humble fan from WESTERN Canada, now in Southern California :-)