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  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 10:47:56)
    Gomez has to be bought out or sent to the minors if the habs want to sign PK and Carey
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 02:51:53)
    I don't see any of these young guys emerging next season. The only guy I can see breaking out is Eller - he's got all the intangibles. If he is given some capable wingers, he will light up the lamp all season. Look at a guy like Ryan Kesler who struggled his first few season in Vancouver and then emerged as their second line centre. The Habs have 2 already proven second line centres in DD and Pleks, and Eller on the way - I think the smart move to make this summer would be to test out the trade market once again before the draft and see what kind of return you can get for Pleks (more value than DD). Another top 6 BIG, YOUNG winger, some draft picks, and a big D prospect with promise would suffice. A big, talented centre is definitely needed on draft day - something we've been missing for way too long. Biggest priority, however, is to lock up PK and Carey. Give Carey what he wants, hopefully something long term, and PK a good looking 3-4 year contract. Although Subban isn't #ALWAYSON this season, he will be one day and I don't want to ever see him in a uniform without the "CH" crest on the front. GO HABS GO -The Kirn