Joe Latham

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Waterloo, Ontario

Habs fan since: circa 1958
Favorite current player: Markov
All-time favorite player: Jean Beliveau


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  • Comment on Habs icon Jean BĂ©liveau hospitalized (2012-02-28 21:15:38)
    As a young boy who grew up in a small town in southwest Ontario, I was an anomaly; i was the only Habs fan in town. Somehow, by the age of three, I was under the spell of the Bleu Blanc Rouge, led, of course by an amazingly talented gentleman, Monsieur Jean Bealiveau. Even as i was surrounded by Maple Leaf fans (at home and at school), Big Jean made it NATURAL to be a Habs fan.There simply was no doubt in my mind, then, or now. His grace, dignity and charm has been copied by many, yet, duplicated by NONE. We shall never see the likes of Jean Beliveau again, and I know I join thousands of fans from coast to coast, and especially in La Belle Province when I wish him all the best for a full recovery. Jean, you are irreplacable.