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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 49 – Leafs win 5-3, tighten playoff race (2014-01-18 19:34:04)
    Yup, and this team desperately needs better players, higher picks but blame Carey Price for not getting them any time soon.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 49 – Leafs win 5-3, tighten playoff race (2014-01-18 19:28:20)
    How is this team in third place? Carey Price
  • Comment on Brière returns to Habs lineup against Sens; Diaz a healthy scratch (2014-01-04 14:11:38)
    Respectfully disagree. Price certainly has and will have value in the years to come, but unless the market changes, there are too many talented goalies in the league to warrant the kind of return one may expect.
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 18:26:15)
    Happy New Year hansolo. I agree that a first-class organization, which cares about its players is essential and any success you have as a team, needs to have many things in place. However, I don't think it's enough. Players like Koivu and others, always said the Canadiens were a first class organization -- true or not, fans may never know (at least, before Gainey disgracefully dumped him). But first on my list, is having enough quality players. And the best ones, fall from the almighty draft tree. Without a good crop of top quality players, excellent management and coaches can't get to the promised land. Having the best people run the show certainly helps, no doubt about it. However, this is a business and I think the French language majority market, in all fairness, respectfully deserve to have a coach and GM capable of communicating to the press and fans in the language of the majority. 1970s are long gone. In this respect, I believe, things have changed for the better for the team in this particular market -- says this anglo. Sorry, just my two-cents.
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 16:37:05)
    WJC I think you mean "parity". I'm not asking for a Stanely Cup -- although it would be nice, I'm asking for the entertainment value of this business in this market be raised considerably, to a level where a fan feels good and gets their share, their full value for their money. The Molsons have to be laughing at how little it takes to put out a product, that rakes in money based on the same mediocre quality, year after year. Rebuilding within the rules isn't losing on purpose. It's putting into place an NHL business strategy that has been shown to succeed to some degree, to have your on ice product be better and excel in the long run. It means, among other things, giving top young talent ice time, decent minutes, at the NHL level to develop and harness their skills. UFAs do not all go equally and fairly to teams that need them most. They often go to winning teams, not losing teams. No parity there.
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 15:46:04)
    I've watched and cheered for this team for 45 years, through ups and downs, I continued to cheer... But let's face it, there've been far too many downs for far too long. I'm usually positive, always hoping things will turn around and get better. Truth is, I can't do it anymore. I've hit a wall. It hurts too much to support mediocre-to-bad teams, the likes of which we've seen in Montreal for what seems like an eternity. Will it ever change? I get no enjoyment watching the games of the current edition of Les Glorieux. The only solution that remains to right this ship, is to tank! And tank for enough years consecutively to eventually ice a team with enough talent to make hockey interesting and enjoyable to watch once again in this city. Do it for the passionate hockey loving fans who fill the arenas night in and night out in rinks like the Bell Centre, not the empty rinks of American southern-based NHL cities. The current team is bad enough to tank this year but one man stands in the way: Price. He's too good. His game is at the highest level we've ever seen and it's not likely to step back. The other young talent on the team and in the minor leagues, still needs time to develop but once developed, I fear it still won't be enough. We'll be stuck again, for years to come, cheering on how many more middle of the pack mediocre teams? For the love of the game and pride in this franchise, my New Year wish is to please have this team tank and start a seriously awesome rebuild of the Canadiens once and for all. Do it through the draft, with high picks. Do it like most all championship teams have done lately (Oilers excluded). Do it for the future generations of Canadiens fans to come.
  • Comment on Habs ‘in back of the bus,’ but could still find a driver at draft (2013-06-29 19:02:34)
    Check out La Belle Patate on Davie Street dowtown. Excellent smoked meat and the hot dogs are made with steamed buns and coleslaw, a rarety in the west. Habs memorabilia grace the walls and game nights feature the habs on the big screen.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators spank Canadiens 6-1, take series lead (2013-05-05 22:02:30)
    So what really happened here? Did we got off our game plan or did they make a lot of excellent adjustments to counter our play after the last 2 games? Remember MT kept telling les boys all along not to change anything.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators spank Canadiens 6-1, take series lead (2013-05-05 21:55:42)
    Can't wait for next game! We'll be facing a cocky, arrogant OTT team! Easy pickings.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators spank Canadiens 6-1, take series lead (2013-05-05 21:45:08)
    3rd game in 4 nights isn't easy for a team who's success is based on a on high intensity work ethic -- does that sound like an excuse?