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  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 23:16:13)
    saw the bulldogs game 2nite. nobody really distinguished themselves so it's no wonder they lost. pateryn & Bennett formed the best dmen pair & both played solid games. tinordi lacks on-ice awareness I think. he has such great physical tools but hasn't figured it out yet. tangradi made some nice plays. I know why hudon hasn't been called up. he's invisible. he played the point with pateryn on the pp & it looked good but didn't score. tokarski played very well but twice was swarmed in the crease while tinordi & drewiske scratched their nuts. from this game, pateryn & Bennett look like the 2 best prospects we have down there. crisp & Nevins aren't ready. forget Thomas & Dumont. budaj was warming the bench for the ice dogs. very few people at the game. I walked in 30 mins early & got center ice tickets 10 rows up & I had my pick. my son & I moved over a couple seats because the only guy in front of us stunk so badly of cigarettes that it was making me nauseous. there was a lot of people there who looked like they walked out of depression-era newsreels. I think I even heard dueling banjos somewhere. some gomer behind us talked way too loudly & I think he chipped his tooth on a whiskey bottle. geez. Hamilton.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 07:09:57)
    last nite's game was closer than the final score indicated. it was very nearly tied in the 3rd on several occasions. galchenyuk also set up his linemates a few times. Gallagher hit the post on one but Carolina did a good job on max in the slot. max's setups to galchenyuk were beauties. this is another dimension to max's game - he doesn't have to shoot every time & becomes more unpredictable - & it'll ultimately result in more scoring. another reason why this line should be given more time to establish greater chemistry. I'm still surprised at how well gonchar plays at age 40. he plays better defensively than markov. we get hemmed in our own end too easily because we always try to force the puck up around the boards. sometimes it has the same effect as a pass to their point man & why should we be making passes that their forwards would like to make? this needs fixing. I think when eller is back he centers dd (lw) & pap. I'd sit malhotra (or bournival) & play andrighetto.
  • Comment on Habs brighten the day for sick kids in hospital (2014-12-16 14:20:44)
    my point was that vanek was regarded as a blue-chip power forward when the habs got him. nobody here wanted to keep him so he wasn't that good. imagine if we'd traded a couple of guys like eller & beaulieu (McDonough!) for him. then he winds up doing nothing for us for years while making big $. the kings didn't win the cup because of carter either. just because philly didn't win the cup isn't evidence they lost the trade. the kings developed their prospects & so did Chicago & Detroit. i'll add Patrick roy (for a box of chocolates) to the track record of 'fence swing' trades. i like what mb has done so far aside from the bourque/allen deal. our young guys are still maturing. we'll develop our own core players if we have the patience to do it. then we'll be good for years to come. gm's get fired for making brave moves that backfire & fans wind up hating them. what luke is really saying is that his wish is to get a top scorer for Christmas by trading a bag of pucks...and he's willing to bet mb's salary & his job on being right. that's nice.
  • Comment on Habs brighten the day for sick kids in hospital (2014-12-16 13:53:22)
    yeah, but vanek sucked & he was THE big fish to get at the trade deadline. at least we weren't stuck with him like we were with gomez - who is radioactive now. look at it this way - boston was stupid to trade seguin. didn't philly trade carter for Simmonds? I'd rather have Simmonds I think.
  • Comment on Habs brighten the day for sick kids in hospital (2014-12-16 13:43:13)
    what's really hurting is the plummeting price of oil. Russia raised it's prime rate to 17% this week to prop up the ruble. serves putin right. too bad ordinary Russians have to suffer for having a psychopath leader.
  • Comment on Habs brighten the day for sick kids in hospital (2014-12-16 13:35:29)
    someone said something about mb never taking a swing for the fences. that's very risky. we gave up a 2nd + what's his face (also a 2nd) for vanek. that didn't turn out well. neither did gomez for McDonough/higgins. savard for chelios. green & walter for langway/engblom. recchi for Desjardins/leclair. someone who's making big $ who's on the trade mkt is damaged goods. u either get him for a discount or u don't bother. I wouldn't give up eller for damaged goods. a 2nd-tier prospect maybe. we need patience to develop our own guys. McCarron, hudon & scherbak may not be that far away.we have some nice prospects on d too. patience.
  • Comment on A rare Saturday night with no hockey for Habs (2014-12-13 13:07:18)
    lots of complaints about dd. his line was flying last nite. even pap looked good. that was a heck of a 3rd line. eller could center that line with dd on lw. while galchenyuk's line looked good at times, they haven't really produced yet have they? I'm still in favour of keeping them together esp since they need time to gel. they are playing against the best dmen pairings every nite & against checking lines. malhotra got a point! he sits when eller gets back. andrigetto is staying put if he keeps it up.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 16:37:21)
    unless u have a certain min. level of package. turns out I do.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 16:35:06)
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 13:23:40)
    just found out from rogers that my internet plan incl. free nhl gamecenter live for the whole season. I called to cancel my internet with them last year. stupid data limits & needed a modem upgrade + rental = even more $$. anyway, because I was cancelling they offered me hi speed extreme with a 300gb data limit (that I never come close to even tho I have 2 sons in university right now that use it like mad). they offered it to me for $45 /mth so I stayed. no term commitment either. I'm in southwest Ontario so all the rds games are blacked out. ba*tards. I thought I'd mention it because I hate rogers & there may some some among u who can take advantage & watch all those habs games at no extra cost.