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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-23 19:20:57)
    Still would like to see Eller on rw with dd & max. Pap doesn't merit top 6 mins.. S-p is starting to play much better. This guy is going to be a real asset in the playoffs. I hope pateryn sticks. He, subban & eMeLin give us a physical guy on each pair.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 15:00:51)
    I'm with u there. Those idiots probably would've missed the original penalty too.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 09:08:05)
    s-p nearly scored last nite. the goalie looked behind him. plus he crushed a few guys. if players can't score they can at least make life miserable for the other team. most of the time guys like Flynn & Mitchell (& mm & pap) are dancing around doing nothing.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 09:02:30)
    we have a better team than Ottawa. the sens are fighting for their lives right now & playing with emotion. when the playoffs come, the habs will be flying. last time we met the sens in the playoffs we had nearly 40 sog in 1 period - a franchise record - & lost the game. I remember how brutal the officiating was. I still think the nhl fixed that series. Ottawa needed the cash & no refs can be that naturally incompetent. I predicted the sens would be heavily penalized the next series against an American team & surprise, surprise - the hooking, slashing & crosschecking got called & the sens got bounced. I wonder if the new acquisitions have disrupted the team. we mostly lost with them in the lineup. frankly, we don't need them except for depth. I'd rather have pateryn in there than petry anyway. like chris nilan said, teams aren't afraid to go to the front of our net. petry, beaulieu & gilbert might as well carry purses when it gets rough. the biggest knock on mt is the habs' poor pp. this has to be fixed asap. I can't believe we're this far along in the season & still having probs. it's not exactly gonna cost us anything to try some new things like putting s-p in front of the net or eller or weise & get in the goalie's face for a change (instead of Gallagher or dd). geez.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-18 09:46:05)
    ag had a couple of great plays last nite that were prime scoring chances. he set up Gallagher right in the slot for a shot which Gallagher blew. ag also made a sweet move into the slot for a shot which also failed to go in. there was a few other non-prime chances too. in our zone, however, he sometimes plays less urgently but he's not the only one. eller should be in our top 6. put pap on the 3rd line or bench him. I'd give s-p some leeway. vanek took some time to adjust & he was a proven scorer. s-p is younger & bigger. he's hitting & winning his individual battles. the real test for him will be in the playoffs. he can't do worse than vanek. gosh, it was awful to listen to denis potvin last nite. if they combined him with joe bowen & the Taliban forced me to listen to them, I'd tell them everything.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-18 06:35:53)
    I wouldn'the be so hard on ag. He had some beautiful moves & was unlucky not to score. That penalty against him was very chintzy. He was watching for the puck & the Dman collided with him as much as anything. the other guy fell down so ag got the penalty. He also got one against tb for a high stick that wasn't his. Just more crappy reffing. What is it with linesmen blowing the whistle early on icing calls too? The puck should at least pass the red line. Some of those calls are garbage. Tired of seeing the Habs sit on a 1 goal lead & then panic late in the 3rd sitting in a defensive shell. They're ugly games win or lose.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Tokarski steals win in Sunrise (2015-03-17 18:10:53)
    haha. stubbs takes a shot at timo's giant bias. maybe our own guys can avoid setting up opposition scorers 2nite. ever since we've picked up these guys at the trade deadline, we've been mostly losing. maybe it's better not to disrupt the team for a rental. it's not like petry has generated offense. we had no probs preventing goals b4 he got here so what does he bring? the buffalo guys have done nothing that bournival or malhotra (much as I'm glad he's sitting) haven't done. maybe we should have promoted from Hamilton if we needed guys.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview: Emelin returns to Habs lineup (2015-03-16 12:54:46)
    I could care less about the addition of petry. he won't be here next year & he's a clone of beaulieu & gilbert. I'd have been happy to have emelin/gilbert as our 2nd pair with (gonchar)/beaulieu/pateryn on the 3rd. weaver & tinordi are also available. I'd rather our younger guys have a chance to prove themselves. pateryn brings some good size & toughness. he's mobile, can move the puck & has a good shot. he's been a good dman so far. let him get more comfortable with the nhl by playing him now - b4 the playoffs. he & emelin can hit with some force & it'd be nice to see a change from the carefree wheeling that opposing fwds enjoy in our end.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview: Emelin returns to Habs lineup (2015-03-16 12:46:04)
    max has had more breakaways than anyone I can remember. know who comes in 2nd? prust. he's been getting 1 every game it seems.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview: Emelin returns to Habs lineup (2015-03-16 12:39:42)
    I don't want them on the same line period. put ag up there & move Gallagher with pleks & eller. lots of speed & a bit of size on each line. our best 6 guys should be on our top 2 lines. pap isn't 1 of those guys. the bottom 6 are almost interchangeable. however, dlr, s-p, weise & possibly prust bring some physicality that we need.