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  • Comment on P.K. Subban won’t be in lineup for pre-season opener vs. Bruins (2014-09-23 15:29:43)
    good point. when I've seen him he lacks finish. pateryn has had much more success offensively.
  • Comment on Habs’ Eller sidelined with lower-body injury; junior team trades Scherbak (2014-09-22 15:57:09)
    when the nhl had to deal with the broad st. bullies in the 70's, the habs beat them by having a more skilled team & by increasing their size. they had guys who could play useful mins & they could play physical & fight. we're getting there. some guys who are close who might fit that bill are crisp, tinordi & pateryn. it'd be nice if Nevins or someone like that could develop into a chris nilan. at least we have some size now. going into last season it wasn't looking nearly so good. I think that the fighting-only players are losing value. u have to be able to play the game or ur a liability. if u have a decent pp, teams won't goon u in the playoffs (as long as the refs are not totally incompetent - which happens). teams may still have to play tough, physical hockey but that's different from being intimidated by a squad of goons. the prob is the reg season when some teams will goon u & take the penalties. I saw an interview with brian burke last week & he said u need a big, belligerent team to compete in the west & that he preferred teams like that anyway. was it any wonder then that Toronto had so many idiots playing for them? they had some success with that too so u can't ignore it. I really hope tinordi (& even pateryn) can be a consistent force because he's also a big, skilled fighter. nobody relished getting their clock cleaned by larry robinson when push came to shove. we could use some of that on our back end. we could use another guy like that up front too.
  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 15:14:37)
    if galchenyuk sticks at center, which is fine by me, I can't see dd or pleks going to the wing. pleks is the guy the bruins hate to play against & that's for a reason. he's great down the middle even tho he's not a playmaker. I'd argue he's our 3rd line ctr.. dd is an elite playmaker & is very effective with the puck. he'd almost be useless on the wing playing the boards all the time. that leaves eller who is a power fwd with elite speed. he'd be better off on the wing than the other 2. I know it's nice to have a big center but keeping him at ctr might mean having to trade dd or pleks. I think pleks would be the odd man out here. eller could take his mins.. these are nice probs to have. last year at this time we didn't have enough depth. things have changed a lot.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 10:58:45)
    he wants out of Ottawa. who doesn't?
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 10:56:19)
    I like the off-season moves the habs have made. we got rid of 2 old smurfs up front & an undersized 1-dimensional dman. we added some size & our younger guys are maturing. it'll be interesting to watch how galchenyuk does at center. I'm glad mgmt. is working on that. Imo, dd could play 2nd line center with eller & bourque as wingers. dd has elite playmaking skills & can motor. I think he'll thrive with 2 power fwds that both have elite speed. also be interesting to see how the 3 def prospects do. I think there'll be a trade b4 the season starts. I can see nygren, moen & maybe even pleks going. I have a feeling this is going to be a very good year.
  • Comment on Bozon at Habs’ rookie camp after battling meningitis (2014-09-13 17:19:10)
    not being in the dressing room, I really can't judge what kind of a person mt is. pk re-signed long term & said all the right things so his relationship with mt couldn't be too bad. mb extended mt 4 yrs.. that's a pretty good endorsement by someone who knows what's going on. so maybe none of us really has grounds to be second-guessing him.
  • Comment on Bozon at Habs’ rookie camp after battling meningitis (2014-09-13 17:12:57)
    donte stallworth killed someone while dui. 30 days in jail. if he'd have killed a dog he'd have served more time. I'm not jumping on the condemnation bandwagon. imo, everyone deserves a second chance (except for non-accidentally killing someone). I often wonder how many in the media & elsewhere serially cheat on their wives & yet are loud in their condemnation of others. I guess it's easy to rush to judgement & be harsh with others. maybe that's human nature.
  • Comment on Habs will retire Guy Lapointe’s No. 5 on Nov. 8 at Bell Centre (2014-09-12 15:38:08)
    yes, I talked to shaw yesterday & they told me rds would not be blacked out. looks like sportsnet will be broadcasting a ton of games too. I get those in my basic package but I prefer rds. I can't stand the leaf blowers either.
  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-12 06:00:58)
    where do they get the player's weight from? I've noticed some real discrepancies with reported weights. scherbak was apparently up to 192 or so a few months ago so who knows what he weighs now. if sekac is only 182, then he's a skinny kid. who knows how accurately the teams reports player weights anyway? I imagine there's some misinformation going on too. I don't want to see any rookie under 200 lbs making the team unless they're absolutely electric. that might incl andrigetto, sekac & scherbak. maybe carr? going to be interesting to see de la rose & crisp play too. crisp may be our heavyweight this year. I can't see moen starting any more. I see a trade brewing too. nygren will be traded & maybe someone will go with him. camp will be interesting.
  • Comment on AUDIO: Former Habs captain Saku Koivu announces his retirement (2014-09-11 14:04:03)
    just talked with shaw & they told me that rds will not be blacked out in southern Ontario. sportsnet channels will also be carrying most games in English & they're free with basic shaw but not in hd. I think I have to pay for sportsnet hd. rds is hd tho & I added it last season for $4 a month.