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  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 13:12:54)
    seems to be a lot of speculation about Molson calling mb or mt's relationship with subban. re the latter, it must be way overblown if mt gets 4 extra yrs & subban gets 8. mb obviously has confidence in mt. I'd like to see moen go. can prust be more than a 4th liner? we still need him but we need a heavyweight. that puts pressure on bournival, sekac or anyone else looking to play on the bottom 6. I agree it would help subban if we had a legit 1st pair dman to play with him. markov is too slow for that now imo but he looks like the guy that'll be there. having said that, I think we're a better team now. we got rid of 2 old smurfs & an overmatched, overpaid dman. we got a bigger, better, younger rw in parenteau, a huge, f/o specialist ctr & a puck-moving dman who played 1st pair mins with fla. last season. we should expect improvement from the younger guys like galchenyuk, eller, Gallagher, bournival & beaulieu (hope he adds some muscle). plus we have some young guys that are pushing for spots like sekac, dlr & maybe andrigetto. it's looking up.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-02 15:15:31)
    I think pk wanted to recoup some bucks that he lost on his bridge contract. glad he's signed tho. the habs are getting there. I think we'll see mb fill out the roster now that pk is signed. maybe even a trade or 2.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 17:28:59)
    look, I'd rather have pk on the team & get rid of mb no matter how good mb is. pk is a rare elite player for the habs & he's getting even better. he's worth far more than markov. maybe that's not in dispute. still, if he's asking for the moon, then u have to decide if u want to have a contending hockey team or ballard's leafs. it's not like the habs can't afford it! get the deal done!
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 10:09:19)
    I wish mb would get this done. markov was the one getting caught out of position too frequently esp at the end of the season. if pk had done even a fraction of that, mt would have glued his butt to the bench. markov got 5.75 mm. pk is better & should get somewhere around 2mm above markov. look at the guys that earned 5mm last yr: pleks, gio. briere got 4mm. gorges got 4mm. only pleks is left. pk is worth way more than any of those guys. c'mon. idk that price holds a larger edge over his peers than pk either. it's debatable whether or not price is the best on the team. how is it we got an arbitrator from boston anyway? do the bruins get one from montreal ever?
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 18:13:04)
    we have 3 power fwds with elite speed on this team: max, eller & bourque. with eller & bourque playing together, they were very tough to defend against. ag might be the 4th but I don't think he's as big as the other 3 - yet. dd is the best playmaker we have right now with ag 2nd. those are the guys u want to get the puck to coming out of our zone unless ur hitting someone for a breakaway. ag was very effective in the playoffs esp. considering he was coming off that leg injury. he's going to be great. that's why I'd like to see ag at ctr this season. I can see dd becoming our #2 ctr some time this season. he needs bigger wingers tho & shouldn't ever be paired with Gallagher. that means pleks should go because eller is better imo. he's bigger, tougher, younger & his game looked great in the playoffs. pleks is a diff kind of ctr. he's a shooter but he's soft. great checking ctr but I think u hand that 2-way role over to eller now. depends what we can get for pleks tho. I think moen is done & maybe prust should go too. we still need a heavyweight tough for the 4th line anyway. I don't think mb is done yet. I'm so glad gio & briere are gone. gorges too.
  • Comment on Brisebois leaving job as Habs player development coach (2014-07-20 19:30:19)
    I thought it might be time for galchenyuk to centre max & Gallagher. that way we don't have 2 midgets on the same line. dd is our best playmaker but ag is #2 with tons of upside. if that happens, we're going to have to move one of the other ctrs tho. pleks is not a #1 centre. he's a bit of a carbonneau type player imo. he's a shooting ctr & not much of a playmaker. he plays a great 2-way game but he's also soft. pleks as a checking line centre. if dd is going to be effective, we have to play him with some big wingers like max or bourque. if ag plays wing this season, he has to play in the top 6. that could be a prob because max, dd, gallagher, bourque & eller s/b top 6. that leaves parenteau to play with pleks. I understand def isn't his strong suit tho plus he plays soft. well, we'll see what happens. i'll be disappointed if ag plays with pleks again.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 05:37:09)
    I've said for a long time that dd is an elite playmaking ctr.. he's also a good skater with some explosiveness. his only limitation is his size but it's amazing how he levers his low ctr of gravity to his advantage. he must be very strong.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 05:31:35)
    one can still have respect & friendship for the person. it's very callous to meet & talk to people, maybe even to develop a relationship with them, & then discard them as if they were fodder. what's the cost of saying some nice things about a guy who's leaving? not everyone can be guy lafleur & part of the 'what have u done for me lately?' crowd.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 14:13:47)
    touché, mb! happy to be rid of gionta & briere. gorges too (mb must've really wanted to get rid of him). all were soft & overpaid. we couldn't seriously compete with those 2 old midgets up front. don't remember gilbert playing but not bad stats for an awful fla. team last yr. plus he has some size & some offense. we'll see how parenteau does - he had knee probs last yr. but put up some decent numbers b4 that. don't know much about malhotra but he's a giant 4th line ctr that wins faceoffs. i'll take that over briere (at 20% of the salary). I can't help but think moen might go yet. we still need a heavyweight tough guy too. there's obviously something that mb & co. liked about sekac. we didn't overspend on f/a's & that's important. doing that has washed many ships up on the rocks.
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-06-30 19:03:23)
    I can't believe mb got some idiot to take briere off our hands. I figured the chances of that happening were 0. what the heck was Colorado thinking? I'd say that clinches mb for gm of the year (if u can discount that he was the one who signed him in the 1st place). looks like philly has had enough of lecavalier too. I think f/a is overrated. many (most?) of these guys are overpaid & become millstones around the necks of their teams. still, I think we could yet use a player who can fight. if gorges goes, then I think we need a dman in return unless mb signs a f/a. we'll see tomorrow.