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  • Comment on Canadiens head home from Vancouver with NHL’s best record; Canucks’ Burrows suspended three games (2014-10-31 17:11:04)
    it has to be tough to play sat nite & then fly to Edmonton for a mon nite game where the puck drops at 9:30 est. then another 2 games in 3 nites. that's tough. I agree that the officiating was lousy too. that was a headshot to emelin that directly resulted in a goal. mt was right - it should have been a 5 min pp instead of a goal against. that was the worst of the poor calls & non calls. it appears like the refs have orders to prop up the home teams out there. still early. be nice if our pp got untracked. I have a feeling moen is playing so they can trade him. if he's scratched, nobody will want him. I'd much rather see sekac or bournival out there. emelin just needs to stop pinching & getting caught up ice.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Daniel Sedin scores in OT to foil Canadiens comeback (2014-10-30 19:59:50)
    don't forget how well eller did in the playoffs. same goes for bourque. he may be starting slow so I'd advise patience. he can be a dominant player with his size & speed. mb said some players get u to the playoffs & some get u thru the playoffs. there's nothing like a long playoff run to fix everything.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 11:49:52)
    bourque & eller did so well in the last playoffs that they should be allowed to work things thru. we don't get past boston last playoffs without them. they're both power guys with elite speed. some guys get off to a slow start. oshie for the blues is one example & he's a better scorer (I have him in my fantasy pool). moen brings very little. sit him. play sekac or bournival. I like Gallagher & would never sit him, but he's limited by his size. I'd be willing to see him go in a trade with other players as long as we got a stud in return. we do have hudon & andrigetto doing very well in Hamilton & they're similar players. how many small guys can a contending team have? I'd say 1 or 2 at most & they better be stellar.
  • Comment on ‘You’ve got to thank Pricer for that one,’ Pacioretty says after Habs win over Flames (2014-10-29 15:42:11)
    gorges gets what he gets. he's making $4 million a year so no pity here. gio took the money at the end of his career so losing doesn't bug him. I'm glad both are gone from the habs. pap for briere was a great move too. let's get rid of moen too. I hope our boys get over their jet lag & get things clicking against vanc..
  • Comment on Canadiens head to Calgary after shutout loss in Edmonton (2014-10-28 16:55:55)
    prust said it was 'accidentally on purpose'. that means he thinks it was deliberate. most guys fall head first when they lose their balance but kreider went in feet first with no help from our dman. there's too much emphasis on crashing the net. I don't like Gallagher doing it either. it has to be penalized with a suspension if it's going to change.
  • Comment on Habs ride 4-game win streak into Edmonton vs surging Oilers (2014-10-27 16:50:54)
    my daughter graduated with her msc on fri.. an earlier post had some funny names so I thought I'd pass along 2 guys who also graduated fri: welhuong wang & ah so soon (bet his gf has said that a few times). no kidding.
  • Comment on Habs ride 4-game win streak into Edmonton vs surging Oilers (2014-10-27 14:15:23)
    I wonder if weise would be a good complement to dd & max. he's big, fast & goes after the puck & that's what those guys need. that line has been most effective with a big rw who chases the puck. Gallagher is a buzz saw but he's small & might be better playing with eller & bourque. I still don't like having 2 small fwds on the same line.
  • Comment on Habs ride 4-game win streak into Edmonton vs surging Oilers (2014-10-27 14:02:47)
    who cares? the cbc is junk. taking $1 billion in taxpayer subsidies & it's the pr arm of the liberal party. every other network in Canada has to make it on their own so scrap the subsidies & let the cbc sink or swim. we all know what that outcome would be. I still can't believe the gall they had by denying the feds their budget after getting all that cash. there's nothing the cbc produces that's worth a dime. if so, they wouldn't have to live off subsidies.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-26 08:09:59)
    gionta & gorges have 1 pt (0 goals) between them thru 9 games. gio is -5 & gorges is -3 with 41 blocked shots. I think gorges is a sabres sandbag lying in front of the net absorbing shots. 3 must've gotten by. isn't it amazing how many shots u don't have to block when u have the puck? can u tell I don't miss either of those guys? amazing what $9 mill per season will get u.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-22 06:54:42)
    u have a strong bias, timo. dd had a very strong game. he was always on the puck & created a lot of chances. I like big power guys too but dd is a real asset to this team. I think he's the best center we have (until galchenyuk moves there).