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  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 16:38:38)
    co2 accounts for about 4/100th's of 1 percent of our atmosphere. on an American football field it would amount to a quarter on its side right next to the goal line. man only accounts for about 10% of all co2 produced. there's been no warming for nearly 20 years. there are huge probs with surface temp measurements not to mention 'adjustments' & withholding of scientific methodology (climategate, michael mann, etc). there are so many falsehoods out there spread by these hucksters that most people have no idea what is fact or fiction. there is an almost endless list of problems with this theory. I just finished alex epstein's 'the moral case for fossil fuels' (which doesn't have much to do with agw) & I highly recommend it. it's an eye opener for most! as usual, most politicians & ideologues have it all backwards.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 16:26:56)
    who cares if the pats lowered the psi in the footballs? if it made a huge difference, the colts would have noticed. since they didn't, I'm guessing there wasn't much of a difference. I was a qb in university & I liked them fully inflated because u can get more distance & velocity. deflated balls are a bit easier to catch. the vid of the colts' punt return fumble is garbage. a deflated ball would be less bouncy not more. besides, it's easier to catch if u don't let it bounce off ur helmet 1st. the whole controversy smacks of sour grapes (& I'm not a pats fan).
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-21 11:50:23)
    it was a bit of a boring game thru the 1st 2 periods. both teams were playing a tight game. the shots are misleading. the tv colour guy was gushing over josi's 4 sog but they were soft ones from the point. big deal. the habs had some golden chances & didn't capitalize. some of them just missed & weren't counted as a sog. I think I'd prefer a stat on quality scoring chances. we spent more time in our end in the 1st 2 periods than I'd have liked but most of it was periphery play.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets preview: Emelin will be in lineup for Habs (2015-01-14 14:05:11)
    glad Thomas isn't playing but I'd rather see andrigetto in there than malhotra. bournival looks good at center. I'd rather see galchenyuk with max & prust, weise or even sekac at rw. Gallagher should play with eller or pleks. glad to hear tinordi is ok. he didn't play too well when I saw the bulldogs a few weeks back. he seems to lack awareness on the ice. my son was sitting in the front row of the game when tiny got ko'd right in front of him. he said there was nobody in Hamilton that stood out & hudon was invisible (as he was the last time we saw him). I think tangradi may have some usefulness. andrigetto too but we have to watch how many smurfs we play at one time. imo, pateryn & Bennett were the best 2 dmen there. I think we're going to see tiny (maybe) & pateryn in the nhl later this season or next. I can't see weaver coming back next yr & maybe not gonchar either. allen is gone 4 sure. if we need a banger up front, tangradi can bring it. he's the most useful fwd on the dogs right now outside andrigetto. I'd forget the rest incl Dumont.
  • Comment on Penguins vs. Canadiens preview (2015-01-10 14:25:37)
    Thomas? really? we're getting way too small again. rather see tangradi play. the 4th line has no beef at all now. maybe Thomas only sees 2 mins of ice time & it makes no diff.. not much to choose from up front in Hamilton right now but Thomas is way down on the list. barring a miracle, he'll never be a good player in the nhl. power up front consists now of max, eller, weise, prust & sekac. maybe galchenyuk. weise & prust were 4th liners earlier this season. I like bournival over malhotra but we need some beef up front! hickey is right. there is work to do yet.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Penguins preview (2015-01-03 10:07:04)
    think the u.s. jr.s might regret not having had big mac along? they should. he's got better size & better numbers than most team Canada fwds. team usa looks plain stupid for not having him. I wonder if they have a bias against non-ncaa players? they might be protecting their turf trying to discourage players from going to cdn jr. teams. I feel the same way about Russia & scherbak. imo, those 2 guys are the 2 best prospects we have at fwd & they both look excellent. screw the politics.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-03 09:48:35)
    I had a feeling last nite that they slacked off a bit after the 3-0 lead. maybe they were conserving themselves for 2nite a bit. I watched the devils broadcast on gamecenter. ken daneyko was the colour guy & he really had a lot of good things to say about the talented habs players. he even likes gilbert (who I think has been playing quite capably for some time now). I never thought this would be a transition year for the habs. they retained a very talented core group of players & got rid of some soft, has-been players like briere, gionta & gorges. size is no longer a major concern. sekac has been a real bonus & so has galchenyuk's improvement. I wonder if the fact that we get outhit most games is a reflection on other teams trying to slow us down & knock us off our game. we don't seem to be going out of our way to play more physical hockey so maybe we don't need to. maybe our speed is more than enough for most teams to handle. hitting is not a reflection of strong play along the boards & we have no probs with that. that's all that really matters.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Devils preview (2015-01-02 13:11:47)
    I think mt is doing fine. we can never know what his real relationship is with players because all we see are the odd snapshots. mb extended his contract & that's a big vote of confidence so he must be doing something very right. there's a few things I'd like to see changed like the way we exit our zone but I'm not an nhl coach. I imagine he'd ably explain why he does what he does. it must be a very challenging job to deal with the egos of a young group of alpha male, multimillionaire celebrities & motivate them to sacrifice & play hard thru a grueling schedule. maybe that's why character is such an important consideration in a player. somebody mentioned something about a new breed of 'educated' coaches. I think that's a weak argument. mt, at age 51, is in his prime & is a real pro. he could teach grad courses in coaching at any school & they'd be lucky to have him. academics can be the biggest fools on the planet. i'll take a guy with experience & judgment. it's like William f. buckley said, 'I'd rather be governed by the 1st 100 people in the boston phone book than by the entire faculty of Harvard university'.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gonchar fills big brother role for new defence partner Beaulieu (2014-12-29 08:25:46)
    I saw him 1 game in Hamilton & he seemed unaware of where players were on the ice. he even missed covering guys in front of the net. he has the tools but looks like he needs to get better reads.
  • Comment on Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from HI/O (2014-12-26 14:25:03)
    it looks like we may have a legit #1 line with galchenyuk at center. with 2 other balanced lines we're looking better up front than we have in a long, long time. imo, I think malhotra needs replacing. eller's f/o % is pretty good & he can actually contribute in other areas. I also think eller could be the guy in front of the net on our pp.