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    First off, the Blues are a very good team and if they are where they are in the standings, it's because of Brian Elliott who carried his team and piled up the shutouts when Halak was struggling. Second, Halak doesn't have the ability to start 70 games like Price does. Halak's numbers this season is based on 34 starts. Elliott has 28 starts which suggests that Halak isn't even the clear cut #1 on that team. I highly doubt that if Halak gets 70 starts like Price does, he'd have better numbers. Price: .923 save % last year (70 starts) and .915 save % this year on a really bad team. That says it all. If you want to do some math and compare goalies, your sample size should be a little more than what Halak provides you with. One more thing, last year Halak had 57 starts. The most he's ever had in his career and his save % was lower that Price's this year on, once again, a very crappy team.