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  • Comment on About tonight … with audio (2012-02-27 11:16:52)
    Career stats: Jaroslav Halak 101-65-19 2.46 GAA .917 SV% 22 Shutouts Carey Price 120-99-33 2.56 GAA .916 SV% 16 Shutouts Carey Price does not lead Halak, in fact Carey Price doesn't even have a winning record in the NHL.... it's even worse in the playoffs. Math says you are wrong. Better luck next time.
  • Comment on About tonight … with audio (2012-02-27 10:05:41)
    If the Montreal Canadiens trade Andrei Kostitsyn it will be the same stupid mistake of mismanaging / wasting talent that they have continued over the last few years, as people scratch their head why they don't win. You know what might snap Kostitsyn out of a slump? Giving him the ice time he deserves as an obvious top 6 player. Not 10 minutes with forwards the like of Leblanc, Blunden or whatever other non-nhl caliber player they have him paired up and yet despite injury he still seperates himself from the pack of most of the forwards on our team with 24 points. How about the habs try this line for once.. Kostitsyn - Eller - Pacioretty We traded Sergei ... what's his shooting percentage since then like 26%? We had the mini Sedins and we messed THAT up. Seems to me we traded away this other guy from Belarus too. His name is Grabovski, turns out he's not that bad of a player either.... Let's not even talk about how I was screaming for them to keep Halak, and this year he's carrying an awful Blues team into the playoffs. Sure we got Eller, and yes Carey Price is a fine goalie. But just as I said when Halak was standing on his head and getting us deep into the playoffs, he is a better netminder than Carey Price. ALL I WANT TO SEE. IS FOR THE MONTREAL CANADIENS TO MAKE A DECISION FOR THIS HOCKEY CLUB I CAN ACTUALLY AGREE WITH. Please Canadiens organization, get rid of Plekanec, not Kostitsyn. It will make me sick to see how well he plays on a team that actually gives him ice, to the point where I may entirely just give up watching hockey due to the apparent stupidity of the staff managing this hockey club.