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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose fourth in a row, six of their last seven (2012-02-26 20:04:32)
    Begin with the end in mind. A saying that I believe is necessary when starting any project. And let's face it: rebuilding this team is a BIG project. I hope that whoever is hired as GM and coach (hopefully GM is hired first) lays out a vision and an identity for the team. Is the team going to be known as a strong, tough team that is difficult to play against or will it be a team that uses skills and speed? Historically, the Habs were known as a skilled, speedy team and I have no problem continuing in that direction. But the team needs to have those types of players, not a motley crew of sizes and skills. And that I think was the problem with Gainey's rebuild in 2009. He seemed to get rid of and let go players for the sake of letting players go. And he signed players, I think, without necessarily a vision or identity the team. By all means, be known around the league as a speedy, skilled team but you have to have players who complement that image. First step: Hire a GM who has a vision for the team. Second step: Rebuild the team in that image. Only add personnel that complement the image/vision. Get rid of ones that don't. Begin with the end in mind.