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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-13 11:16:30)
    Question .. What Gallagher on what team are you talking about ? because Brendan Gallagher # 11 on the Montreal Canadiens has been busting his ass lately as usual , matter of fact I've seen him leave the bench the past couple of games to walk off a stinger or hit hat he got because of his usual style of play , I don't believe that Brendan Gallagher knows any other way to play but all out , never even takes a shift off ... so glad he's a Hab as I am sure that 29 other teams sure would not mind having him ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Nilan throws an elbow as Habs head to playoffs (2014-04-03 11:12:14)
    Mr_MacDougall , trading Gallagher is a non starter , players his size with the heart he has do not come around often and are way too valuable to any team , plus 19 goals in his 2nd season isn't too shabby either with the minimal playing time he gets compared to others ... I would rather have him , we drafted him we keep him , someone else Please ... Thanks All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 15:49:44)
    That is hilarious ! Being a Montrealer livng in Orange County California for the past 27 years , I remember Wandas as my first at a girlie bar and I was there every night afterwards fior about 5 years then to Chez Paree ... ahh the warm FUZZY memories ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on “Big Mo” joins the show (2013-11-06 16:53:32)
    All I know is that if it ever comes down to one of them leaving that its NOT PK , as us loyal Habs fan know from a while back Chelios and Patrick Roy had wonderful careers after leaving the Habs and so will PK , only reason MT got the job is because he's French so if he loses this job well his chances for employment in the NHL as a coach are NILL because no other team has a mandate thet the coach must speak French , I say you want a French coach then let go of Ego Therrien and bring in Guy Boucher who in my opinion was born to be a Habs coach ... just my two cents ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on Halak up next for Habs (2013-11-04 11:01:19)
    No way would I trade PK period end of sentence no way he's the most exciting Hab to watch in the past 30 years ... and give up Tinordi ? and be back at square one looking for a large stay at home d-man ... forget it I like Giroux but not at the cost of PK , he is not going anywhere ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on Theodore among former Habs available in free-agent pool (2013-06-20 15:57:03)
    Maybe the fact that Gainey and Gauthier the ones that set us back several years were here and now they are no longer here ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on Update from morning skate: Budaj in for Price, Blunden for Prust (2013-05-09 15:56:46)
    And the way he's been getting bashed around , he has to be hurting and still is playing OK ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gionta join Eller on sidelines; two-game suspension for Sens’ Gryba (2013-05-03 11:54:58)
    I agree wholeheartedly , whether the hit was legal , Illegal or just plain bad luck , we have to get past it and McLean's comments were rather cold , the best way for the Habs to get over that adversity is a dominating win tonight, and a bit of good news on Eller, that it is not as bad as it looked , one can hope and keep their fingers crossed ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 11:51:43)
    We may be the better team , and they may be a detestable team but its the playoffs , anything can happen and usually does ... so we better fear them,last thing I want to see is cocky Laffs Fans mocking us because they eliminated us , having said that, nothing would make me happier than for us to complately annhilate them in the playoffs , like they did in those 2 bad games we played against them , one way or another realistically speaking a Playoff series with the Habs against the Laffs will be intense and definately entertaining ... All Habs all the Time
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-24 10:35:51)
    I too am a huge PK Fan and my 1st impression of him a couple of years back was he is the most exciting player to have put on a Habs uniform since Guy LaFleur , however his antics are definately growing old, if the greats like Geoffrion , Beliveau Richard's , Lafleur were not above the team then neither is PK , I too believe that if this is indeed his attitude, then its time to part ways with him and get a team player to take his place , I just hope that in the end its just media hype and he really is a team player and decent person, and that he's a Hab for a long time .... All Habs all the Time