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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 06:51:52)
    What a disgusting nite.First hockey this year,308.00 dollars for tickets and another 20.00 for parking.Thank god we didn't buy any over priced beer.I HAVE NEVER seen a bad game like this in years.Left at the end of 2nd. They want the fans to come back after the lockout and this is how we are rewarded.Were not making salaries like the players but the have the nerve to play like this.Ok if we were paying 20.00 dollars like some of the other franchises do and the price I payed to be way up in the nose bleed section.I really do think we should have been reimbursed for this.Or the players should be docked for not showing up.Hey Jeff Molson do u hear us.Sub par performance......... edward smith
  • Comment on No blockbusters among Habs’ trade-deadline deals (2012-02-25 10:29:39)
    Good morning all.Trade deadline weekend and our pantry is almost empty.Not much we can use to improve our club.And were pretty sure Mr. Gauthier will not be here next season.So we are in LIMBO. Who do we keep and who can we get rid of to make our club better.Just watching our guys play the last few game they have also thrown in the towel and there are a few who really seem upset that this team isn't going any where soon.I wish Geoff Molson would have dumped Mr.Gauthier sooner and find our future G.M of the future before the deadline and let him put his stamp on this team.Every year we lose on trades or let players walk at the end of the year without any return.All of us couch G.M's have our own opinions who do deal and who we should keep.The future looks a little brighter with the recruits we have coming up.Beauleau,Tinordi,Leblanc and maybe Geoffrion will help.Its hard to get anyone to come here with all the crap that has happen with this team the last few years .Anyways lets hope that we don't follow the Maple Leafs and that we have to wait another 40 plus tears to win a cup.At least i would like to see one more in my lifetime.Go HABS GO> edward smith