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  • Comment on Gomez v. Ladouceur at Canadiens’ Tuesday practice (2012-02-14 17:16:48)
    Let's just face it: The Canadiens have descended to the level of the laughable, a pathetic, bottom tier team with no inspiration, no real power, no vital leadership, no reverence for what it means to be a Hab, nothing. They are a substandard club, with absolutely no killer instinct. The game has gotten better, they haven't. It's coming up on 20 years since the last championship. Forget about near term - this is a multi-year process both acquire and develop talent, find a coach for the ages and put real leadership in the office. They've got nothing on any of these fronts. So write the club off for years to come, pray for a progress through evolution generated by sound leadership and maybe, just maybe, one day we'll have something. Right now it is pathetic. Watching other teams play with the intensity the Habs virtually never showcase breaks my heart - and the skill level around the league far surpasses ours. That's the simple truth folks. Sam Pollock, Grundman, Blake and Bowman built dynasties. It'll never happen again - the league is too big, the talent spread too far and wide. But to have a shot, they need something they haven't had for years. HEART. Gary