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  • Comment on Former Canadien Gilles Tremblay dead at age 75 (2014-11-26 14:22:28)
    He could work on nothing but his shot for the next decade and his best option would still be passing to Patches. He knows this. Say what you want about the guy, but he's not dumb.
  • Comment on Canadiens given two days off; Nathan Beaulieu sent to Hamilton (2014-11-24 14:53:59)
    Yeah, I am a huge fan of the deal from a cap perspective. Gives MB the room he needs to get the Gallys signed. And it's also been pointed out that this will keep both Beaulieu and Tinordi on cheap deals, which is good... I guess. Personally I'd rather see one or both take the next step since I think our window is open now. But it's a cap world and every bit counts, I get that. What it comes down to, for me anyhow, is the belief that Beaulieu and Tinordi would benefit from making their mistakes at the NHL level now and learning from those mistakes. IMHO, the Habs are a better team with those two playing at their peak than they are with Gonchar and Allen playing at theirs. Simple as that. Obviously MB and MT do not agree with me. The cap moves make sense, but MB still went out and basically got old replicas of both the kids on D. Pretty clear message. I will defer to his judgement. For now. ;) Also think he has another move or 3 up his sleeve.
  • Comment on Canadiens given two days off; Nathan Beaulieu sent to Hamilton (2014-11-24 13:45:07)
    Okay, I'll concede that it's difficult to compare Beaulieu and Allen. They're such different players that they might as well play different positions. So, honest question for the commentariat: Does anyone here really think that Bryan Allen is better than Tinordi? I mean right now, player vs player. I have only seen Allen for 2 games, but he hasn't looked good. At least Tinordi had flashes. Plus Tinordi is huge and an actual tough guy. Allen is just huge. I get the "he didn't do enough" argument, and it's hard to disagree. It's also hard to prove yourself playing 10 minutes in half the games like Tinordi was. Yeah he made some mistakes, but he also didn't get the chance to learn from them. Am I way off base here? Is Allen just an experienced Tinordi and I'm just viewing the kid through Habs colored glasses?
  • Comment on Canadiens given two days off; Nathan Beaulieu sent to Hamilton (2014-11-24 13:23:22)
    Partially, for sure. It's not a playing time thing because the Dogs don't play till Friday either. But I also wouldn't be surprised if both of them stayed down for now. Bournival has to be getting close. Even if he isn't ready, Therrien can just go with 7 D again. For what it's worth (nada), I'm not a fan of this at all. I just don't see any way that Allen is an upgrade on Beaulieu. I know he's a completely different player but I still can't see how he is going to help us win games. Gonchar, I get. This one, I do not.
  • Comment on Canadiens will face well-rested Rangers team; prospect Nikita Scherbak suffers back injury (2014-11-23 14:58:45)
    Hahaha, you're probably right. I'm with you about Perron with the caveat that I would send Emelin before I would send Beaulieu. But that's moot since Emelin would never waive his NTC to go to Edmonton. IMHO, DD and Beaulieu is a pretty hefty price for Perron. Not unfair mind you, but still hefty. If that were the deal, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that MB could snag a pick from Edmonton too. He's good at that.
  • Comment on Canadiens will face well-rested Rangers team; prospect Nikita Scherbak suffers back injury (2014-11-23 14:30:37)
    I saw that too. I shook my head. Like many, I look at the Edmonton situation and I can't even laugh at them anymore. It really feels like an insult to hockey to watch the current management "run a hockey team". They just have no clue. And I don't know why, but it actually bothers me to see them wasting the careers of guys like Hall, RNH and Eberle. I just don't see how anyone who knows anything about hockey could look at that team and say "Yep, more forwards. That's what we're missing here". The 2 goalies they have playing for them this season were both around .910 for their careers before this season. Now they're both at .890-ish. How can anyone look at that and not question the team's back end? Jultz is terrible on D and they're paying Nikitin top line money to be a healthy scratch. But yeah, get a center. Morons.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-23 00:40:48)
    Nygren, Pateryn, Dietz and um... Ellis. Yep, that'd do it. Realistically it'd take one of Tinordi or Beaulieu (probably Beaulieu) and either 2 picks or a pick and prospect. Edmonton isn't going to go for anything less. Maybe Emelin could be the player, but he would never waive his NTC to go there anyhow. I wouldn't be nuts about losing either of the kids on D but if we could get a Yak or maybe even an Eberle, that'd be a pretty huge addition to a team that doesn't score a ton.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-23 00:17:00)
    Latest: Everett Silvertips ‏@WHLsilvertips 4 minutes ago "It sounds like @nikscherbak is headed to the hospital as a precaution, although we understand he has already passed certain movement tests."
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-23 00:15:17)
    It occurs to me while watching this Oilers game that Edmonton might finally be forced to move one of their young offensive players for some NHL quality D-men. Then it occurs to me that we are overflowing with NHL quality D-men. I hope MB stayed up late tonight.
  • Comment on New Hab Bryan Allen will be in the lineup against Bruins (2014-11-22 15:54:30)
    Good points guys. I actually do feel a bit better about the trade now. Cheers. And yeah I agree about Tinordi being something less than NHL ready. Beaulieu can hang I think, though probably not top 4 minutes. I am coming around to the idea that they can still learn something in the AHL though. Detroit keeps players there till 24 years old and then they get guys like Nyquist who can literally step right into top 6 roles without missing a beat. No reason our guys can't do the same. They're still only 22 and 21.