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Bassersdorf, Switzerland

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All-time favorite player: Joe Sakic

I hate the Bruins.........i really do!!

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  • Comment on Kirk’s ‘Canes on the upswing (2012-02-13 09:34:54)
    I really like RC as a coach, but i hope Captain KIRK will be back behind the habs bench soon. He has the stuff to coach in Montreal and our powerplay would be at least 9% better. The whole Thomas talk is getting totally out of control, who cares about his poltical view, he has to win and if it wasnt for him, the bruins would be still waiting for a cup. Habs will win tonight - good game by price......he looks unbeatable at the moment. Go get em boys!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************************************************** I hate the Bruins.........i really do!!