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  • Comment on The CHardiac Kids (2012-02-10 16:17:34)
    Alternatively, a basic understanding of anatomy and 3D space will suffice. It really, really isn't hard. It doesn't need to be a fancy, expensive TV display...just a modicum of common sense and an IQ above 60 should suffice. Really, is the state of education THAT poor nowadays?
  • Comment on The CHardiac Kids (2012-02-10 15:40:09)
    That's the problem with Ottawa - they care more about booing other teams than they do about supporting their own. The All-Star game was a riot, as the boos for Phaneuf were louder than the cheers for Alfredsson!
  • Comment on The CHardiac Kids (2012-02-10 15:34:46)
    Regarding high-stick goals and contact above the level of the crossbar: Find a hockey net, or put a piece of tape on the wall at the level of the crossbar. Measure your shoulder height while standing, while crouching, while bending your knees just a little like Matt Moulson did (or Arron Asham earlier this year). Compare the heights.... A 6'1" man - without considering the added height of skates - who contacts a puck at shoulder height will while upright or nearly so will ALWAYS contact the puck above the crossbar. I am 5'6" and I have to be practically sitting down before my shoulders are at ~4 feet, and that's while barefoot! It's not a matter of "inconclusive camera angles", it's a matter of Geometry 101 that everyone should understand out of grade school! Moulson's goal should have been called back. Asham's goal should have been called back. Who knows how many other goals over the years - against the Habs and other teams - should have been disallowed but weren't because the referees - and worse, the guys in Toronto with the benefit of replay - can't understand basic geometry and spatial skills? It's not only the impact on a given game that annoys me, but the blatant display of sheer stupidity that is being allowed.