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  • Comment on Pacioretty-Desharnais reunited on first line at practice; de la Rose called back up from Hamilton (2015-02-05 21:33:39)
    As much as I dont like all the bad vibes surrounding Evander Kane, I really cant help but think he is the ideal trade target for the habs. The fact is Kane has had rumours about a bad attitude for several years now and even during this time has produced at over a 20g 20a pace. He also has a CAREER avg of .615 ppg or 25g25a-50pts/82games. It would be expensive, but I think the habs are ideal trading partners with the Jets. Eller + Pateryn + 2nd (maybe have to use a first if bidding war) I would think a package similar to this would be very tempting at least, and the habs could afford to part with something like this if the return is a player like Evander Kane. I like our line up alot; Patch - Galchenyuk - Sekac Kane - Plekanec - Gallagher Prust - Desharnais - Parenteau Bournival - Dumont - Weise Malhotra Obviously the offseason goal would be re-signing Galchenyuk to a good deal, upgrading the 3rd line and the #4 or #6 defense. But I certainly like the direction, especially with De La Rose, Hudon, Andrighetto, McCarron, and Scherbak on fwd and Tinordi, Beaulieu, Dietz, and Thrower on D I think the next 3-5 are bright for adding 1-2 rookies a season. I think we are just opening a 5 year window where we can legitimately contend. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 09:34:05)
    This is by far the deepest habs group in a long time. Potentially come play-off time we could have a fourth line of Prust - Eller - Weise Patch - Plek - Gally NEW - Galch - Sekac Bournival - Desharnais - Parenteau Prust - Eller - Weise If that is indeed the case, I really like our odds in the play-offs, the lines can definitely be jumbled but to have a group this deep is a luxury! Another deadline winger would be amazing. An upgrade to on of the 4-5-6 d would be a plus too, but Id consider this a bonus if it happened this season. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on New Hab Tangradi skates on fourth line at practice; Gilbert demoted to seventh defenceman (2014-11-26 17:35:39)
    I dont think it would weaken us as much as you think... With the lineup above you simply change the roles of the lines a little bit. Galch's line becomes the exploitation line with mostly offensive starts. Or you could play Galchenyuk No.1 and keep the lines in the same roles. I like the chemistry patch and pleks show together shorthanded, worth the gamble in my opinion as Galch will be moved to center eventually. While we are having success now, realistically I think our chances at contending are next year and the two years after that, moving Galchenyuk to center now gives him a little time to adjust. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on New Hab Tangradi skates on fourth line at practice; Gilbert demoted to seventh defenceman (2014-11-26 17:03:33)
    A lot of talk about David Perron being shopped around the league. Honestly he looks like a great fit for this group, good cap hit, solid 20 goal guy and decent size (6'0") LW. Oilers needs = #2C, #1D, #1G (most importantly) I think the habs are actually great trading partners.... Before everyone says DD has not trade value, consider that the Oilers are apparently pursuing Anisimov for Perron. Over his career, DD has averaged 54pts/82games. Very respectable for a 2C, while Anisimov has averaged 44pts/82games. While Anisimov is MUCH bigger and more reliable defensively, DD offers more leadership and slightly better offensive numbers. I wonder if the habs were to include Fucale in the deal if this would be enough to really get things started with the Oil. While Fucale is a great goaltending prospect (top 5 league wide), the habs really don't have a need for a No.1 OR No.2 goalie for the next 5-8 years in all likelihood, plenty of time to restock, and the window will be closed by the time Fucale is a No.1 here anyways. I like to look up front of; Patch - Plek - Parenteau Perron - Galch - Gally Prust - Eller - Sekac Bournival - Malhotra - Weise Tangradi Is this viable?! GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Canadiens given two days off; Nathan Beaulieu sent to Hamilton (2014-11-24 12:43:29)
    I wonder what it will take to change the PP forwards... over a quarter of the season in and the same terrible results. Eventually something has to give! (no?!) Patch - Plek - Gally Galch - Eller - Sekac Or some combination of these 6 seems fairly obvious at this point deserve to be given a shot. DD and PA can still sub in for spot duty. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 16:20:44)
    understood, but any of those players should be playing top 6 minutes in order to produce offensively, the only way one gets a call up and actually has a chance of being successful is by replacing that injured player in the lineup. So if there is an injury in the top 6 MT is much more likely to shuffle vets around to fill the void then let a rookie have a chance for any substantial amount of time. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 16:04:23)
    There really is no point bringing Hudon up this season. He is excelling in the minors as a rookie, let him get as comfortable as possible and continue success for the entire season (bring him up for the playoffs if Hamilton is out). He needs to play top 6 fwd role as thats his game, if there is an injury to one of our top 3C then its likely Galchenyuk will slide to centre and call up a more seasoned winger (Tangradi). Hudon needs to be given a chance when he is ready for a top 6 role, too early still. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 15:56:03)
    DD + BEAULIEU + 1st RD TO WPG KANE + 5th RD to MTL Enough to get the deal done? The first has to be appealing with two NHL caliber players DD could play 2C in WPG. Leaves us; Patch - Galch - Parenteau Kane - Plek - Gallagher Prust - Eller - Sekac Bournival - Malhotra - Weise Markov - Subban Gonchar - Gilbert Emelin - Weaver Tinordi - Allen GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 10:43:49)
    Bowman has a clause in his contract that states he MUST make a minimum of 250,000 this season, so having him up (even just to sit in the pressbox) is worthwhile when we are healthy as he gets paid his NHL salary. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Canadiens’ Beaulieu says he’s ready for anything; Tinordi sent down to Hamilton (2014-11-07 08:35:18)
    TO be honest I would love to see that. Let Beaulieu play with PK for 10 games.... just give him a chance to develop chemistry. There will be some hiccups but I bet Beaulieu looks damn good with that much ice! Wont happen though! ;) GO HABS GO!