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  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-25 16:15:41)
    Winnipeg is not in a position of strength to make this deal- unless you consider the option to keep an unhappy player on your team leverage- therefore is IS NOT the same as trading MAX P, CP31 these are franchise to borderline franchise players, sure I can see the comparison to Gallagher and Galchenyuk, and quite frankly, if I was offered Pleks + Nygren + Andrighetto + 1st for Gallagher I'd do it (given the same situation Winnipeg is in, UNHAPPY Gallagher), I don't think its that unrealistic. Maybe if you need to up the ante Plek+Tinordi+1st but I say that gets it done for sure, and not sure MB would make that move. Not sure you fully understand the entire situation either. Have to consider circumstances ;) GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-25 10:17:57)
    If Sekac isn't ready, let him start in the A. Patch - DD - Parenteau Kane - Eller - Gally Bournival - Galch - Bourque GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-25 10:15:37)
    What do you feel is the REALISTIC asking price for E Kane in Winnepeg? Montreal, once Subban is locked up looks like they really are in a position to trade for him. A package that includes; Pleks/DD (their choice) + Nygren/Patyern (their choice) + Andrighetto + 1st round pick Montreal finally has the depth to pull something off this off. Imagine a top 9; Patch - DD - Gally Kane - Eller - Parenteau Bourque - Galch - Sekac If we could clear moen and budaj off the cap we could potentially have 4 million plus still in cap space with this lineup. Not sure that deal gets it done though. Another interesting option, Dustin Penner 1 year @ 1-1.5 millon?? GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-24 17:31:16)
    In my opinion we NEED to unload Moen before the season. Hypothetically lets say PK comes in at 9M AAV that leaves us 2.7 million below the cap, with everyone on board. Ridding Moen's contract could clear an additional 1.85 million. Leaving us 4.55 million in cap space, with a full 23 man roster. This would be incredible for maneuverability if we notice we need a top 6 winger after camp or early in the season, 2.7 is tight. I am extremely pleased with MB so far this season, but I'd say he has 2 big moves left this summer for it to be great! As an aside, can Moen be placed on LTIR? GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-16 18:00:50)
    If you are really really concerned sign someone like Ryan Malone, hes a free agent who isn't likely to get a contract, have him play with Prust against tough team on the fourth line and move Weise up a line in place or Sekac or Bournival or someone. Either way he'd come cheap at this point and you could afford to sit him most nights. The enforcer market is extremely thin and most of them are utterly useless, we have punchers in the minors we can call up for a game at a time if we need to. Waste of cap in my opinion. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-14 11:02:39)
    This difference with Hossa's contract and some of the others are that he is paid significantly LESS in the final years, and was signed well before he was 35. Therefore he could retire at any time and the team would be completely relieved of his cap hit! Given that the cap is going to continuously rise and his # is pretty low, I would think that 3-4 very servicable years of Hossa would be worth it for sure. Just my opinion though . GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-14 10:43:22)
    While I feel like it has been a good offseason in general, I cant help but feel there is a massive hole in this line-up (#1 RW). Essentially PAP will replace Briere giving us a natural winger and slightly more production. Sekac (or De La Rose) will step in to replace Gionta (40 pts roughly), our defense is vastly improved. While I can see that we are clearly better at opening day this season vs opening day at the end of the year, I still feel that we may be taking a slight step back from where this team was in the ECF. The RW slot needs to be filled going into the season if we want to be a contender. We have 15.2 in cap space right now, with PK and Eller to sign assuming it will be 11.5 million to sign these two (whatever combo you prefer to each one) that leaves us about 3.75 in cap space still, with one extra body on the roster. Patch - DD - Gallagher Galch - Eller - PAP Borque - Plek - Sekac Prust - Malhotra - Weise Bournival - Moen I really cant help but feel there is an upgrade to be made on that right side. There's lots of chatter about Kane on the move, but he will be a very high cost. At 5.3 million I would love to see MB dip back into Chicago and target Hossa. He is a RW big, strong, skilled and two way. Chicago is in cap trouble (2 million over) so will likely need to clear 3 million plus before the season begins, there is potential to acquire him for MUCH less than Kane and he may fit better with this team anyways... Dog days of summer here, just fishing for something! aha Cheers GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 10:12:04)
    I get where you're coming from, Eller has shown tremendous potential, but for a guy that has NEVER scored 20 in any season, I cant see how he has leverage to request much more... certainly 3 would be the upper limit. GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 10:09:48)
    The problem for the habs is that he has no chance of getting into the lineup to show he is capable of playing. I guess the other option is to demote him to the minors, hope someone picks him up, if not take the 925,000 in savings by putting in the AHL?! GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 10:00:24)
    To me the negotiations should be fairly easy... Subban is likely asking for 9-9.5 per while Bergevin is likely insisting on 7.5-8 per... In all likelihood they will meet somewhere in the middle 8-9 million per on a max deal, if not this is very poor negotiating by both sides. Eller should also be easy a two year bridge deal on 2.75 / season and then he can have his big pay day. The habs have done this with plenty of other players, and no reason not to get this done the same way. That would leave the team with roughly 3-4 million in cap space, plenty of room to maneuver. To me, getting rid of Moen is also a must before the season starts, I simply cant see how we can pay him 1.875 per season and he should absolutely not be in the lineup...if cleared of his cap hit that would leave the habs about 5 to 5.5 million going into the season, AMPLE space. Patch - DD - Gallagher Galch - Eller - Parenteau Bourque - Plek - Sekac Bournival - Malhotra - Weise Prust Prust will likely be in over one of Bourque, Bournival or Sekac, but I see no way Moen cracks this lineup... GO HABS GO!