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  • Comment on HIO at practice (2012-02-18 11:28:45)
    Yup, AK surely is frustrating, so was Eller and Bourque to me last night, they show those same tendencies. Can't understand how RC and the coaching staff can't change their intensity while they are on the bench between shifts, I know I could. A few little whispers in their ears would be all I'd need, it's Psychology 101.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-18 11:19:10)
    No Sh*t that's annoying - 4 shots in the 3rd period!! 4 shots having a 3-2 lead, what more is there to say, something needs to be assessed right there
  • Comment on Hal Gill dealt to Nashville (updated with audio) (2012-02-17 17:41:58)
    Well, that's make it clear - if we thought we could make the playoffs, Gill probably stays. Now we know what management thinks of our chances. Too bad, I was hoping...... Need to change my plans to watch the Habs-Sabres tonight!
  • Comment on Gomez speaks (2012-02-07 13:38:22)
    Strange feeling Gomez scores tonight + assist = 2 points. Would love to see the team just have fun and be creative. Moen being showcased, gotta be. Nice to see White get some conditioning games too.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:47:57)
    Sickening thought. How the hell did this happen? We, the true people with emotional investment, need to rise up to the Beer castle and let the King know this idiocy will stop or there will be anarchy and revolt, and they will have no kingdom to run. As**oles!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:20:41)
    Agree with the booing fans, but how else do you show your frustration for paying good money to see crap? Maybe complete silence is better? After 50-something games, the PP ain't coming to life anytime soon. So depressing.........
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:14:45)
    You can get a dart board, pin a few pics of the habs that frustrate you like they do me, and then throw away, starting with PK. Must be good therapy, I should listen to my own suggestion, lol
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:11:06)
    I'd keep AK but only with the right coach to bring out his enormous talents - who would really want the rest? Moen's over-rated. For his size, he does not utilize it on the Habs in the correct way, he needs to neutralize the intimidation. Heard the rumours for Gill, but only makes sense with an elite team that needs tweaking and low ice-time players. How many of those? Best return is late-round choices back.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:02:10)
    You can add Borque to that list too
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 12:53:05)
    This team is a personal embarassment to me, don't know how else to explain it, and living in T.O as a Hab fan really magnifies that. They seem to have the team, just poor coaching and management and biggest of all, low work-ethic and self-esteem. God, that p's me off!!