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  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-21 23:40:51)
    what isnt wrong with the habs?
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-23 03:02:46)
    btw....if habs do finish on bottom five. ANd depnding on who is available when they pick. THey should pick mat dumba. Him and emelin would destroy ppl and would make an excellent pairing....agreed?
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-23 03:01:39)
    if anyone disagrees with what i said i would be shocked. Cuz it's the truth, but i'm all ears.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-23 03:00:57)
    Price has been pretty good in between the pipes. Considering the product he was in front of him. If you can't score you can't win. If your whole team revolves around one line...you won't win. And for gomer, it's honestly time to get rid of him...players on a team don't like it when someone who has scored 2 goals in over a yr, is getting more ice time than them. Especially when he doesn't deserve it. Time to give it up, buy him out, or send him down to the bulldogs it's that simple. It's only hurting lars eller player development by leaving gomez on the pp and not him. Eller has shown flashes of brilliance, no to mention in one game he scored more goals than gomez has in ONE YEAR. Time to get rid of this cancer. I know everyone loves gomez in the room, but enough is enough. We have given him ample time to show up on the score sheet and enough ice time. He still isn't producing. Time to get rid of him.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-23 02:56:56)
    Sounds like another John ferguson idiot. # vanejorg. Sure, let's trade tuaka rask to boston for andrew raycroft. Look how that turned out.....Now you wanna trade Price cuz he hasent won a cup yet..lol. YOur are such a retard. THe team that price has in front of him, no goalie on this planet would be able to win with this. Especially since they can barely score one goal on home is....and they can't win in the shotout. So where does the scoring come from...if the dd patches and cole line isn't working, the habs won't score plain and simple. A posing coaches say " shut down the dd, patches and cole line. And we will win" That's sad to hear, but it's true. Plus the fact that markov hasen't played one game this year, maby won't play again doesn't help at all....Either way, im glad your not the gm of this time...maby toronto for columbus might hire you? LOL
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 17:58:04)
    if Price had a decent team in front of him he would be an amazing goalie. You can be the gm of the leafs if you want to though. You can screw up that franchise as much as you want:)
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 17:56:29)
    ksy11: That is a very stupid move. I'm glad your not the gm of the habs. You sound like you would be the next john ferguson jr. Giving up a potential top 5 pick for harding....are you kidding me? and price for carter? your insane dude. None of the moves you mentioned would benefit the habs at all. I'm glad your the gm of the habs. LOL