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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-21 14:49:45)
    Actually, despite Tinordi's gaffe, Price was not great on the losing goal. Should have been aggressive, was in too deep, and did his usual "let the puck hit me" style; to be an elite goalie, you have to steal goals in critical situations. He remains a really good goalie who rarely steals games at the critical moments. BTW- why can't the media stop using the 4 point game reference?its a complete misnomer, mathematically incorrect, and I suspect wrongly extrapolated from doubling the half game point system of baseball.
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 21:41:20)
    Carter is young, and the whole dressing room thing is a media story, never confirmed...there are hundreds of future stars who once did silly things as youths...Holmgren simply wanted to rebuild the team, and it was his only way to get cap space for Ilya B....Jackets will trade Carter because they have to rebuild and he is costly and would get something back that is their number one problem- goaltending..the are not many young, big, 40 goal scoring centremen in the NHL..he was also injured to start the year, and is on a horrible team.
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 21:33:36)
    "Top 5" is all relative. History is loaded with failed top 5 guys, occurring almost every year. Lets start with Wickenheiser, since we are talking Habs....you have to see past the hype and actually watch every game; Price is not a top 5 pick, although everyone keeps pretending he is a star, but has shown nothing to actually back that up.
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 17:50:58)
    The problem: need a 1st line, BIG, goal scoring Centreman, available from a seller. Hmmmm... What to give (you gotta give to get)? How about a team desperate for a goalie? Carey price remains grossly over-rated, and therefore his return value is at a peak. He has had ONE good year so far. He is terrible on break-aways (see his shootout record, not to mention the Habs record with the lead this year. Yes, he is partially to blame for this. He will always have an OK save %, but consistently, almost game after game, gives up the one key goal that turns the game. Usually this involves his glove hand. We/scouts all drool at his perfect, smooth style, but in the end, he never gets out of 3rd gear for that extra 4th geaR effort (see Tim ThomaS, amongst others)- his calmness is also his weakness. So- trade Price for Jeff Carter (or even Nash, if her is available). Seriously. New problem: now need a young, good goalie. Need a team who has one as back-up, with an entrenched starter, and a good prospect who can replace him. Hmmmmm....Teams going for the Cup will never get rid of these (Vancouver, Boston, LA, for example), but what about teams on the bubble? Enter Minnesota, and Josh Harding. Easily as good as Price, just hidden as a back-up in an American city, so less hype. Same pedigree. And they have Hackett to replace him. The bait? Habs 1st rounder next year. Its not like they ever do much with it anyway, and it will be very attractive, as it might be high and hovering near a lottery pick. And Minnesota needs to rebuild. So, move Price and a 1st rounder for Carter and Harding. which would you rather have: this team with Price, or this team with Harding and Carter? Hmmmmm......