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    "Remember that players like Patrice Bergeron, Scott Hartnell, Chris Kunitz, Brooks Laich, Ryan Kesler, Joe Pavelski get 4-5M/yr." From this point of view, AK at 4m or lower would be a good deal... Laich have a similar season than AK, 3 seasons of 20 goals or more, and 2 years older than AK. And he's averaging more than 3 minutes of ice time per game more than AK. Kunitz, very similar to AK, many seasons of 40-50 points, 3 seasons of 20 goals or more, hit a bit more than AK. He's having a very good season, but note that he played 3:40/Game on PP and 18min/game... while AK only have 2:00/g on PP and 16m/game. Plus, Kunitz plays with Malkin... Hartnell.. before this season, Hartnell was very comparable to AK. But again, he's averaging 3:12/g on PP an 17:46/g.. and he's currently playing with Giroux.. Kesler.. Almost 4min on PP every game, 20 minutes on ice every game.. and only 2 more goals than AK... Oh and I forgot... He plays on PP with both Sedin.. He currently have 10 more points than AK on PP... remove that and AK have only 1 point less than Kesler with 39 games played vs 44. Kesler is paid 5 millions.. Pavelski, very good signature at 4m by the Sharks. Was very comparable to AK before last year season.. But can't compare with AK this season, the guy is playing almost 21min per game, at this point it's 25% more than AK.. the guy have to produce when you pass 1/3 of the game on the Ice. Bergeron at 5 is a very good deal, I would also take Bergeron over AK anytime because of his smartplay, always giving is 110% and play very well in defence. So again... considering Bergeron, Kesler are paid 5m$, Hartnell 4.2, Laich 4.5, Pavelski 4 and Kunitz 3.75... AK between 3.5 and 4m would be a good deal, as long as you don't expect him to get 65 pts when the coach give him poor ice time.