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  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 12:53:18)
    what i'm saying is rather than taking over ten percent of the selections in this year's 5th round, why don't we grab some low end prospects or something along that line. It'll be hard to develop the 2012 draft class when a few years from now they are all ahl ready and there are too many of them to fit on one team.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 12:44:15)
    Because four 5th round draft picks in the 2012 draft is just what this team needs to get back on top
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another home-ice stinkeroo (2012-02-04 13:27:15)
    You're right. He isn't necessarily to blame for lack of playoff success, but he still hasn't shined. I wasn't really meaning to be negative towards Price, but make sure it's known that Halak is actually doing really well. Also just pointing out that playoff goalies are the best goalies.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another home-ice stinkeroo (2012-02-04 13:09:24)
    Have you actually watched a Blues game this year? I'm not trying to argue that Halak is better than Price, but I've watched multiple Blues games because they're my brother's favorite team. Both Halak and Elliot have been great. They don't have much quanity of shots, but when something does get through it's often a major chance. Check last night for example. 22 shots on Halak, at least 5 were incredible saves. If anything this makes it harder for a tender to put up good stats cuz he doesn't get enough puffy shots. And I agree with the person below who says basically when Price does something after April I'll be impressed.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 16:16:07)
    Ah yes I remember being really upset that we started Huet that night. not to bring up halak any more than need be, but what you said brings up something that i wish people would remember. every time someone says something like "he was a good backup who got hot at the right time," i wonder where these people were in 06-07 when we wouldn't have been in the hunt without Halak. Or where they were in 08-09 when Halak was the reason we still made the playoffs...or in 09-10 when Halak put up amazing numbers and 26 wins 92 something save percentage while getting shelled each night.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 16:10:55)
    giving the backup a second straight start on a team with an unquestioned #1 would only happen if the backup had an exceptionally good game in the first start...which Budaj certainly is not a case of right now. not to say he was terrible or anything, but he did not impress or do anything other than perform like a decent nhl backup
  • Comment on League fines Subban for trip (2012-01-21 14:03:07)
    isn't that the point of fining someone a small amount though rather than suspending them? it's borderline so they made sure he is aware that he is being watched and next time the punishment will be more severe.