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  • Comment on League fines Subban for trip (2012-01-21 15:08:51)
    Moneyball/Moneypuck... how it works: First you look at the best teams in the NHL as representative of what it takes to win.... So you take the average values of their total # of: Goals/Assists/(+/-)/PIM/hits/BS/TakeAways/GiveAways. Now you know you have a salary cap of 65 million. So you can pay say 40,000$ per goal, 26,000$ per assist, -2000 per PIM, 4,000$ per hit, 4000$ per blocked shot, 10,000$ per takeaway, -10000 per giveaway. And I also attribute 15000 per win per player Then you basically look at the Habs roster... multiply their stats by these values above to determine each players real value to the team... prorated for the whole year. The results are that the top NHL teams have players worth ~ 75million with a 65 million roster of actual cap hit. The Habs have 45 million in value (!!using the same values scale!!) with the same 65 million in cap hit. So you go out and say to the players you sign I will pay you what you're worth and not let emotions get into the decision making. That means you pay players for what they are tangibly worth. You don't pay players 5-6 million when they are worth 2-3 million. That way you also spread the risk so injuries don't hurt your team. AND you ask your players to play more than their value of last season and promise to pay them that in their next contract... a motivational insentive for the player to play well, win games, and feel secure that their value will be respected for every effort they do. Moneypuck Gentlemen.
  • Comment on League fines Subban for trip (2012-01-21 14:51:44)
    And where do you think Jamaicans come from? But that's all good man. As long as Plekanec plays with Eller and Kostitsyn!
  • Comment on League fines Subban for trip (2012-01-21 14:49:18)
    Most 22 year old defenceman are still developing in the AHL. So it's okay that he's still doing certain things. By the way, I did a moneyball analysis of the Habs and compared to the Average best teams in the NHL (Boston/NYR/Van/STL), here was the outcome: Price is worth 2 million (based on comparative performances) MaxPac = 2.8m Cole = 2.7 DD = 2.5 Plekanec = 2.2 PK = 2.0 Gomez = 1.0 AK46 = 2.4 Diaz = 2.1 Gorges = 2.9 Emelin = 1.9 Gill = 2.4 Moen = 2.5 Surprising numbers.... but if you attribute a $ value for evey G/A, hit, BS, +/-, PIM.... this is what they are worth compared to the rest of the NHL. Gorges will be overpaid next year by 1 million$ Gomez is overpaid by 6m, Plekanec by 2.5 mil What's interesting is that many players on our team are overperforming compared to their current $ contracts. This can also be called moneypuck, and it's the wave of the future for NHL GMs.
  • Comment on League fines Subban for trip (2012-01-21 14:32:31)
    PK's playing great for a 2nd year kid. He's 22 African Canadian player that's pioneering his position. And Kunitz completely embelished. We need to put Plekanec in between Eller and Kostitsyn for our second line. Help me start this movement please! Talented players need likeminded talented players, not just 1 talented winger + Moen/Darche.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 11:05:00)
    irrelevant. Less than 0.3% of his salary... It might be just as good as making an RRSP contribution to avoid taxes.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 11:02:06)
    amazing idea. Eller Kostitsyn and Plekanec would be a great second line. Just think of the puck possesion, and quick shots.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 10:49:05)
    I hope they put Eleer and Kostitsyn as Plekanec's wingers.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 10:48:23)
    just put Plekanec with Eller and kostitsyn and we'll have the best 2nd line in the nhl. no more trades please, just let them play talent with talentm and a 3rd line chequing line of Gomez Moen Bourque.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 10:45:56)
    not necessary, just healthy scratch the worst d pairing from game to game, and put the eller kostitsyn with Plekanec as the 2nd line. That should do it.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 10:44:34)
    just put plekanec with eller and kostitsyn as a 2nd line and all will be good. Habs are going to be better then.