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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 09:33:23)
    Price looked awful. As the "world's number 1" goalie, that long stamkos shot should never have gone in. His angles were off. There was a two on one, he was totally out of position. Lucky no goal. He was looking behind him on saves. I noticed that he stopped trusting his defence. He did a lot of sprawling. Carey Price is not Hasek. Not sure what happens to him mentally during the playoffs. But right now, he doesn't look super comfortable. "He'll get better" We said that last year against Ottawa. I am NOT a hater...I want to have much more confidence in him.
  • Comment on Bergevin finalist for NHL’s GM of the Year Award; Subban joins Team Canada (2013-05-13 00:14:24)
    Yes, I'm a former goalie. A few things - I think Price has a 5-hole problem. His stick needs to be more active. But psychology-wise.. He needs to play with fire. Look at the 2-3 greatest goalies of our generation: Roy. Brodeur. Hasek. They were intense individuals. Look at Khabibulin in his prime. Even Ray Emery. Price's mechanics are decent, but his intensity seems to make him less sharp.. In my opinion. But.. everybody expected him to be the next one - and knowing that he can't win unless he brings us the Cup.. Is a tough thing to play with. People won't like it, he reminds me of Jocelyn Thibault who was drafted very high - had great fundamentals, highly touted, and failed in Montreal. I'm sorry, but what is Price's record in the playoffs? What happened to Budaj... When they expected great things from him? We need a solid goalie with no expectations. Halak - was a backup, so he played with no pressure. I LOVED playing games with no pressure on me ..and without the spotlight . Wrote this on my ipad.. So sorry for the mistakes. In short.. It's a psych thing. If Anderson let in 5 goals in game 1, he wouldn't have been blamed - but he didn't.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators spank Canadiens 6-1, take series lead (2013-05-05 21:55:28)
    Not sure if you can see my historical posts - but the last time I posted was a few days after Halak got traded. As a former goalie, I said Price will NEVER be a playoff goalie. That was how many years ago? You don't want to blame Price bc of the defense? Sure. But is HE the only goalie in the playoffs who has mediocre defense? Are any other teams getting blown out like we are? Say what you want - other goalies are keeping their teams in the game. See Wild. See Ottawa. See Quick. This guy is not the guy. Stop worshiping individual players.
  • Comment on We’re not making this up (2012-07-20 15:13:27)
    I just logged in for the 1st time in 3 years just to agree with Luke. Gomez may be a terrible player, but I know guys who know him and he's a great person. Seriously Bill H. - the days you are not earning your salary, do you give the excess to charity? You sound very self-righteous
  • Comment on Audio: Price in nets vs Wild, Habs cancel practice on eve of game (2012-03-01 10:18:28)
    I've said it years ago. Halak will end up with better career numbers than Price -regardless of team. Forget the "what ifs", they never mean anything in the end. What if someone else drafted Roy..we never have the cup. 2nd..Halak is 14-3, 5 shutouts, 1.35 GAA and a .940 save pct. in 2012. In comparison to defense teams: Marty Brodeur's best season had a 9.27 save percentage and 1.88 GAA. And those were defense teams. Halak is playing lights out. Price would not "all-of-a-sudden" transform to be the best goalie in the last 10 years by moving teams. Maybe he would be equal..but definately not better. And if Halak wins the Cup?? The comparison is not even a question. Instead of just watching Price every night - Watch a lot of goalies (like I do)...your bias that he's the greatest goalie since Marty Brodeur won't stand. Many goalies make many great saves.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-22 09:42:21)
    If you were a politician, you would have backlash. Using the word "Lynch-mob" is almost accusing L'anti-chambre of being racist. If you think that is the case, then just say it, or my suggestion, be politically correct and use another term. Just my 2 cents
  • Comment on Video of the Year (2012-01-20 16:46:28)
    I had to register today after reading this. I have stayed out of this debate for years, although I had my opinion. I have some experience playing goalie. Halak may be benefitting from a new system..but what helped him here? And even with the best system - has ANY goalie had these kind of numbers? 2012: 6-0. .970 save Pct. 3 shutouts. Not really. Not even Mr. Brodeur with the best defense in the league. Halak was playing with undisclosed injury first half. His hand was not fully healed. Stamina? Halak worked like a dog (maybe too hard) off-season to improve stamina. This has changed. So rather than name calling. The Price over Halak is definately not clear-cut. Halak's career is going to be better than any Price fans will have ever thought. And, all things being equal...he has a very strong chance to win the Cup this year. And if he does, other cups may come as well. I won't comment on this debate again. But if you take a step back and think about how hard Halak is working (as well as Price) on his game...there is little chance that Price's career numbers will finish significantly ahead of Halak's. There will always be explanations for that everywhere, but does Martin Brodeur care? Of course, this is based on my experience as a goalie and studying goaltending - Not tracking goalie careers. So if you ask my opinion, I just think we could have gotten more for Price in a trade. The level of goaltending would have remained unchanged. We'll see. Have fun watching this unfold. (No need to respond..I won't post again. I'd rather browse) -- 1 more thing. My favorite goalie (not the team), Tim Thomas, was a cast-away too. His career was supposed to go nowhere. I think he's done ok.