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  • Comment on Habs’ Markov looks fine at practice (2013-12-10 10:50:33)
    This has probably been discussed a lot, but TSN's latest Olympic update is a farce. It's funny how PK, the reigning Norris trophy winner who is once again on fire this season, has to work his way into the lineup, has to see his stock rise to the extent that he is even considered as an 8th Dman PP specialist replacement... behind Vlasic and Bouwmeester (what the heck?!). And don't tell me those two are underrated. Compared to PK, they're being overrated for who knows what purpose. Many are calling Subban and Markov the best pairing in the NHL, both statswise and watching-hockey-wise. If Subban is only considered worthy to be the 8th defenseman, then I guess that means Team Canada management thinks it's all Markov. Even Jonas Brodin, the rookie blueliner playing with Ryan Suter, gets more credit for pulling his weight on the top pairing on the Wild than Subban playing with Markov. And then you have Claude Giroux being penciled into the lineup. Claude Giroux who is having a horrible season, didn't win any trophy of note last season (Art Ross, Rocket Richard, Hart) and even skipped the Team Canada orientation camp last August to nurse his broken finger when they weren't even going to be out on the ice! Come on! Really?! What will it take for Giroux's stock to fall?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 26 – Winning streak ends with Shootout in D.C. (2013-11-29 15:50:29)
    Ha, yeah I just read that. Not bad at all. Diaz will be with Switzerland. So PK, Markov, Emelin and Diaz - that's 4 of our Top 6 on Olympic teams. I think Murray was on the last Swedish Olympic team, but that's unlikely this time around. It's kind of sad that out of all of them, PK 'Norris' Subban is the one most questionable to make his respective national team. What a fiasco.
  • Comment on Fans might need to adjust cable package to see all Habs games in new NHL TV deal (2013-11-27 11:51:44)
    I haven't watched Franson or Phaneuf closely enough, but I'm almost positively certain that Franson is nowhere near Phaneuf in terms of defensive ability. I think that Franson is at best a #3-4 Dman and not a first pairing guy. I think Phaneuf is a first pairing defender though not elite. Yeah, Phaneuf has been a pylon in the past, but a Leaf friend of mine is adamant that his skating has improved recently.
  • Comment on Fans might need to adjust cable package to see all Habs games in new NHL TV deal (2013-11-27 11:07:36)
    Actually, Phaneuf is their best Dman by a mile - you better hope they don't get him at a bargain otherwise they'll have that much more cap space to add another piece! He's not Subban, but he's still pretty good and definitely the best the Leafs have got.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-20 11:36:40)
    Getting his fourth line trapped out there against the other team's first line... on home ice. This leads to goals against. Combined with the Habs' sputtering offense, this means that every goal against plays a large role in losses. His continued confidence in Bouillon who is a team worst -10. At some point, it stops being a matter of being unlucky, and a guy just not being very good.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-20 11:17:43)
    Price's numbers are very good: 0.935 save pctg, 2.02 GAA His record? 8-8-2. Simply does not make sense, and clearly shows who hasn't been pulling their weight this month - the rest of his teammates, and the coaching staff (except for Waite)! Yes, it's true the Habs have been blocking a ton of shots, but at the same time, Carey can't in any way be responsible for scoring.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-20 11:16:20)
    Babcock has a much better resume to his credit than Therrien. I really think that Therrien has made a number of mistakes that have led directly to losses.
  • Comment on Habs shake up lines at practice (2013-11-18 12:02:06)
    This was pointed out on EOTP: Carey Price has a save pctg of 0.975 but ZERO wins this past week. It's frustrating to see the Habs not taking advantage of Carey's superb play so far this season. I feel like it's going to waste.
  • Comment on Habs’ Emelin will make return against Rangers (2013-11-16 15:47:01)
    A thought on Bouillon: I think he's a serviceable 6th Dman. But his connection to Therrien makes him an impediment to the team because Therrien will keep going back to Bouillon for no good reason. I want to see Therrien be like Torterella who put his relationship with Brad Richards aside and indeed damaged it in order to push his club further: I would hope that Therrien could sacrifice his relationship with Bouillon if necessary - so far, I don't think that's the case.
  • Comment on Habs’ Emelin will make return against Rangers (2013-11-16 15:42:41)
    It's frustrating when people seem to be criticizing Bergevin for 1) not making a 'big' move to improve the club and 2) only making patchwork moves. They don't seem to have considered the following possibilities: 1) There is no 'big' move worth making for the Habs at this time for the right price and getting the right players back (players of a certain age, size, skillset, contract length and AAV). 2) Making a big move for the sake of a big move is absolutely foolish and reeks of politics (doing something big in order to appear to be doing something). 3) If a mistake were to be made in a big move, the repercussions will last a FAR longer time than a number of small moves that last 1 or 2 years. This cannot be emphasized enough. I approve of Bergevin's approach so far. I don't like the Bouillon and Desharnais and Briere contracts any more than most people, but they are short (except for DD). But I'm also glad he hasn't gone out and signed a guy like Clarkson to 7yrs at 5.5M, which would be far worse. The club isn't ready to take the next step yet, and until that's the case, making a big move for an important player is likely to cost the Habs the very players that will be expected to lead us to a Cup in the future. Bergevin is sticking by the plan he announced when he first took over and yet people continue to be surprised that he's doing just that.