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  • Comment on Canadiens win a wild one (2012-03-02 10:20:46)
    The missing wings line. Center always shows up, the two heartless brothers don't.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-02 10:17:28)
    Most teams have 5 guys for that 4th line that are interchangeable depending on the opponent. Resign moen, darche and staubitz, add white and blundenn, there is your 5. A real 4th line every night.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 00:24:55)
    Without crosby in the lineup. When Crosby is there, he pouts he's not the center of attention and phones it in on most nights. You can't count on these guys to give 100% each night. It must be a culture thing.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 00:22:10)
    The most important thing for next year is the bottom 6 forwards and bottom 2 defenseman. White, moen (assuming he's resigned), blunden, staubitz and darche are good for a real 4th line with interchangeable parts. Then you need get someone to play the wings with Eller. At least one will come via UFA and another from the farm. The bottom 2 d cannot be Diaz and kaberle. One is fine but both not acceptable. Unless tinordi or the other prospects surprise in camp, July 1st should be a big bad ass D man acquisition shopping day. Despite all the doom and gloom, the core is good, and there are some top prospects who will joint the team if not next year, then the year after. Add the top 5 pick and a quick turnaround is possible.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-02-29 00:13:39)
    I wouldn't touch either one. All they need is another gutless Russian. There track record in this league is horrible. Ovechkin, semin, kovalchuck, etc...they all eventually get yashin syndrome. Even malkin doesn't bring it when Crosby is in the lineup. Get the big swede at number 3.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-28 21:50:15)
    Hey all you armchair GMs: AK's performance tonight, no shots, no hits, a bonehead penalty that cost a goal, and ultimately the game. Same crap, different team.
  • Comment on Post-Kostitsyn era begins in Tampa (2012-02-28 10:02:40)
    The core of this team is good. Dump the floaters & softies and bring in some guys who play 100% every game even if on paper are slightly less talented and this team is in good shape. You already have 2 lines in DD-cole-max, pleks-gio-bourque with Ellen ready to center a banging 3rd line. You have potentially a real 4th line of white-moen-blunden with darche and staubitz as interchangeable parts. on D your top 4 are markov, PK, Georges, Emelin. Now send Gomez and kaberle to the minors and fill in the blanks with solid guys that are ufa.
  • Comment on Post-Kostitsyn era begins in Tampa (2012-02-28 09:51:47)
    SK has done nothing more then he did here. He's a first line winger simply because thy have no offensive forwards in that team. Check his stats since going there, same pace as here. You think Trotz is going to put up with AK floating around and missing coverage assignments? He's a healthy scratch by playoff time. Players don't change just because thy change teams. Nobody who has left this team in recent years is doing remarkably better or worse at there new teams.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville is first trade of the day. (2012-02-27 12:16:59)
    Fair trade for ak. You guys questioning the price for gill and for ak, gill brings it in the playoffs, ak dissapears when it counts. That's why gill gets you warm bodies, while ak just a pick. I'm surprised they got a 2nd to begin with. I was at game yesterday and he was downright pathetic. He was figure skating out there, never came back to help the defense, generally useless. He won't do better in Nashville. They have a defense first, you play 100% every game or you don't play structure over there. Where does ak fit into that? Trotz won't put up with his crap. He will be a healthy scratch by the playoffs.
  • Comment on Idle Canadiens drop to 13th (2012-02-19 01:23:43)
    Cammy 3 goals, 0 assists -5 Bourque 4 goals 1 assists +1 Bourque costs you half the $. Your getting double the bang for the buck.