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  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 08:36:41)
    2014-15 Hamilton Bulldogs (probably): Thomas/ de la Rose/ Andrighetto Carr/ Hudon/ Holland Bozon/ Hensick/ Dumont Cisp/ Nevins/ Fournier Pateryn/ Ellis/ Dietz/ Thrower/ Driewiskie/ Bennet/ Makowski/ Shea McDonald/ Condon This young team seems to have a lack of natural centers. On top of this, Malhotra may get injured at some point. Ryan White, still unsigned, has stated that he'd be willing to take a 2 way deal. I think bringing back White would help the Dogs a lot and provide us with some 4th line center depth. Thoughts??? j.p. murray
  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-24 08:31:09)
    Stats show that DD's production without Pacioretty are much lower, while DD has no impact on Pacioretty's stats. You're asking for another linemate to "make space for DD". He gets PP time, offensive zone-starts, our top scorer as a linemate, and now u want to give him a power-forward to give him more space??? Top 6 centers are supposed to be the driving force for their lines, not the weak link. Why would a top 6 center need these many advantages to be successful???? Because he's not a top 6 center!!! j.p. murray
  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-24 08:24:44)
    @Marc10 I appreciate your comments about DD and agree that he's a good player, but he is holding back this team. We can't contend for the cup with DD in our top 6; it's impossible. The top 6 on all recent cup winners dominate 200 feet of ice; DD is good from the blue-line in and knows how to pass to Pacioretty. We have to move forward and let Chucky and Eller take the lead. Eller may not have the regular season production, but he produced while centering the egg line and, most importantly, he was our top forward in the playoffs!!! As well, we know Eller will be a good 2 way center who plays physically. Pleks plays the hardest minutes of our centers, shuts-down top opposition, skates very well, is great defensively, kills penalties, and is better at face-offs. He may be older and more expensive than DD, but DD could not perform Plek's role, not in a million years. DD is completely sheltered in-terms of zone starts, linemates, and PP time. Without Pacioretty, DD had 1/3 less production last year, Pacioretty, on the other hand, had identical production with and without DD; these are facts! And beyond the facts, the reffs don't seem to care how badly DD gets roughed-up because it seems to be accepted that small players get knocked-down a lot in the NHL. We're sacrificing too much in-terms of sheltering and showcasing DD. The reason, on the tip of many our tongues, is that he's one of the only local boys on this team. And I'm sure the players are aware of it. Before anyone screams bigot, I honestly WANT to see MANY more Quebecois players on the habs! It's important! The arbitration offer to Eller, considering what DD was handed, is completely insulting. Are they telling him that he'll never be a top 6 forward??? He must be ready to go postal because he knows how much harder his job is than DD's is. I like DD, but our top 3 centers should be 1) Chucky, 2) Eller, 3) Pleks. Will DD be traded? NO, politics won't allow it. Please listen to this great pod-cast with Connor McKenna and James David. It's the most insightful take on the habs I've heard in years. They give the DD story more justice than I can: j.p. murray
  • Comment on Brisebois leaving job as Habs player development coach (2014-07-19 10:27:30)
    Great pod-cast on Montreal Hockey Talk regarding DD. Connor McKenna gives a great analysis of the glut at center situation. These guys actually like DD (they like all small players), but argue he should be traded. Their argument is that the team is mortgaging too much of the team to shelter and develop DD (top-wingers, PP time, no Pk time, and no defensive face-offs). They point-out that DD is far worse statistically without Pacioretty, but that Pacioretty's points don't drop at all without DD. They also point-out that all cup winners in the cap-era have a top 6 that dominate over 200 feet of ice, but DD is weak outside of the offensive zone. They point-out that DD is a hard-worker and a good player who would be well suited to the 3rd line. Pleks, statistically, plays some of the toughest minutes in the entire NHL. DD could not handle the 200 foot game and defensive responsibilities Pleks handles. Essentially, they conclude that the team can't take the next step with DD in their top 6. Galchenyuk needs to move to center. And, we need to realize that DD does have some market value, probably in a packaged trade. Ennis, who is less established, just signed a much bigger deal with the Sabres. They conclude that the trade won't happen because of a lack of local talent on the habs. If Paranteau, on the other-hand, lights it up this year, it may open the door for dealing DD. They also point out that DD, being very small, gets fouled and pushed off the puck and gets little support from the reffs. Essentially, his ceiling is too low. We've bitten the bullet by letting Gionta go, and traded Gorges (Still hurts), obviously we're getting serious about becoming a contender, so maybe it's time to look at the facts and trade DD. PS, I'm a DD fan, but I'm a bigger fan of winning the Stanley Cup. j.p. murray
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 10:42:42)
    Cheers for that! He certainly has the size to intimidate the other team, but can he skate well enough to handle some fourth line duties? j.p. murray
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 10:38:50)
    With Parros in the line-up, our team was respected more than they have been since I can remember. I know he can't play hockey, but he had an impact on the zhit heads we faced. j.p. murray
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 10:37:04)
    Well put; for those who don't want us to have an enforcer up our sleeves, watch this and think it over carefully: Bourque got a concussion, Kadri ran around like a rat, Gionta was nearly killed by Orr, and Gorges had to fight McClaren. The next hab to leave the ice on a stretcher (Pacioretty, Eller) could be Chucky, Subban, or Price. j.p. murray
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 10:31:17)
    Regarding enforcers, I do believe we'll need one in the line-up on the odd night. Kevin Westgarth (6-4/234), aged 30, plays both wings, is un-signed by the Flames. Can anyone tell me anything about this guy, besides the obvious? Should we consider him as our potential enforcer? j.p. murray
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-03 22:59:44)
    For those of u who don't want an enforcer in our line-up, it will be open-season on all of our skilled guys because the rats of the league won't have much retribution to fear. Watch the following video and then tell me how u feel about us not having an enforcer: Bourque got a concussion, Gionta nearly got killed, and Gorges had little choice but to fight McClaren. This is bullzhit! Pacioretty, Eller, and I don't want Galchenyuk to be the next hab taken off the ice on a stretcher. This year, simply having Parros in our line-up meant that no one was seriously injured. The enforcer doesn't need to play every game, but against the A-hole teams of the league (Toronto, Boston, Philly) they are a must. When we have injuries we can call-up forwards while the enforcer remains the extra forward. j.p. murray
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-03 10:29:42)
    Then why are there so many goons in the league??? John Scott, Colton Orr, Matt Kassian, Joel Rechlizh, Patrick Bordeleau, Brian McGratton, etc. Without an enforcer, it is open-season on our players. If MB didn't believe in enforcers, he wouldn't have signed Jack Nevins or invited Imama Bokondji to develpment camp. j.p. murray