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  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 19:53:32)
    I'm about 260, as fast as a zamboni and I swear I coulda beat Price on that breakaway....nothin but net....he was so deep he may as well have been behind the goal! I know scoring's been awol, but it's been way to long since our G has stolen 2 pts ....
  • Comment on Multimedia: Video from the room, audio from Cunneyworth (2012-01-18 23:21:31)
    TSN rang off a list of candidates after 2nd, with a horrific possibility that Martin could possibly replace PG. From a pure $ perspective he's under contract so that will be considered i'm sure. Let us pray.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Video from the room, audio from Cunneyworth (2012-01-18 23:12:24)
    The fact that they couldn't get it up for a must win game speaks volumes for this team. The sample size is big enough to conclude that this team is just not very good-- from goaltending to defence to our forwards- and right up to the front office. Mediocrity reigns supreme. The problem is the place continues to sell out and the profitability of the franchise climbs. The Molsons are a business and are not fans, and business ain't too bad.... Until sponsors start pulling back dollars and beer sales start to drop from empty seats, I'm afraid the pressure to make changes is minimal.