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  • Comment on Hunter’s Caps come to town (2012-01-18 10:01:54)
    Heard the PG was in winterpeg last night for the Devils/Jets game,rumour about trade for Zack P to Canadiens for who ever. Great player but if they get another player from south of the border we will have the ask the league office for a name change, the Montreal Americans.Besides we already have enough used Devils.I'm sure that if a trade happens it will allow the Devils to win another cup,remember that other deal with that Russian defensemen who was on IR but went skiing?Then Habs traded him to the Devils for basically nothing and he won a cup that spring.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-16 15:21:26)
    If you remember this "small" team was one goal away from putting Boston away last year.I'm not bery happy with the way they handled the Cammaleri incident,I like him,he at had passion,he will be missed.If you going to increase your size uip front and are serious then if i'm PG I try my damest to get Getzlaf. This club is stacked with Defense prospects and some inconsisant forwards,if you package AK46,a defense propect and a draft pick to get Getzlaf do it.