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  • Comment on Multimedia from the day Gauthier, Gainey walked the plank (2012-03-29 14:55:25)
    It is about time!!!!!! Gauthier and Gainey have taken the fans for a bunch of fools. The only time they bothered to make a move is when their seat got hot so they would go and make a stupid trade to take the attention off of themselves then everyone would start ranting about the trade and forget about Gauthier and Gainey. If the fans weren't so crazy about the Habs, they would have been happy and satisfied with a last place. gainey was a good player but a poor manager or coach. If we are going to criticize the work of the french canadien players on the team and trade them away after a few bad games well i think the same is deserved for those two guys. They have destroyed every french player who has come through the team and got rid of them for a bunch of nobodys!!!! Spring clean up was well needed except i wish they would have been gone at the first of the year when someone else could have spent the money. Thank you Mr Molson, i am a happier Habs fan today!!!!!
  • Comment on Audio: GM Gauthier on quiet Habs day (2012-02-27 20:54:38)
    The first people to go are Gauthier and Gainey, then give someone else a chance to put a hockey team in front of us. As long as those 2 are around, we will NOT have a winning team.
  • Comment on Audio: GM Gauthier on quiet Habs day (2012-02-27 20:51:42)
    If i have to see Gauthier and Gainey back along with 2 goals Gomez, i think i am going to quit watching Montreal. Gauthier and Gainey seem to be like Betman, untouchable for some reason, why the hell are they still around our hockey city...........?????
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens shut out 3-0 on home ice (2012-02-22 08:10:48)
    Yeah, why not bring Schultz up. Who cares if we lose now. They can't tell us that they are trying to get into the playoffs, the way they are playing tells us different. What a bunch of non-emotional players, we need players with grit and temper. They got shutout last night and never showed any emotion in what should be a do or die situation. Fire Gauthier, Gainey and keep going with the players that aren't producing, no Gomez is not and will never come back to whatever they tried to tell us he would be. Oh and for the tv people to tell us that many players had the flu symptoms i mean C'mon, after all it is only a hockey game which should be pretty easy for athletes to do even when sick. All of the rest of the world has to work when sick, and not only for 15 min (a game ) either. Get a grip, stop trying to lie to the fans , we know better and we believe what we see and what we see right now is pathetic!!!
  • Comment on Welcome home, Mike Ribeiro (2012-02-21 08:06:50)
    I can't wait to see who Gauthier is going to get out of nowhere and then try to pretend the player in question is good Why not going after a big name for a change
  • Comment on Habs face ‘rock bottom’ Sabres (2012-02-17 07:59:45)
    I agree, playoffs are out of reach for our Habs. Bring Schultz up from the minors, keep White playing and rest Gomez, he needs a little break after that impressive season (1 goal lol)!!!!!!. Put players on the ice who at least can put on a show for the fans. Keep Plekanec, he might not always be playing to the best of his skills but he is the most underrated player of the team. Oh and by the way he does not get 7 millions a year, i think he produces his share for his contract. I think he should wear the "c", he plays like a captain better than Gionta. Bye Gauthier and Gainey, and please do not bring Tremblay back in Montreal, he and peanut were the ones who ruined our team starting with the Patrick Roy incident and you know the rest.....
  • Comment on Canadiens gain point, fall farther behind (2012-02-16 07:41:08)
    Let's see who they are going to get at the trades deadline, another Gomez lol . It just scares me to think that Gauthier and Gainey are still in control, obviously next year won't be any better. Get rid of them now and give someone else a chance to try to put a team together. Great reward for Gomez last night, 12 plus minutes of play after his goofing around at practice and his poor effort on the ice. Instead let's bench our talented players, Kostitsyn might be lazy at times but you have 100 more times to get a goal out of him than Gomez, stats don't lie. Still and always will be a Habs fan but i am sick of the way they run the team
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-14 07:09:20)
    He won't get the line match-ups, who do you match Gomez to? Or who do you put Kaberle against? And then i hear that Montreal might not be sellers because they mon 4 games in a row, what about the other 50 games? Gauthier will make up excuses again as to why they didn't go anywhere...... They need a spring clean up and it starts with Gauthier and Gainey.
  • Comment on Gomez speaks (2012-02-07 15:50:04)
    10 more than he should have played!!!! Why should we take it easy on him, like Carbo said did we take it easy on Brisebois, or Begin, Dandenault, Latendresse, Ribeiro and many more quebecers who fought every game to earn a spot and got dumped as trash after a few bad games. Gomez hasn't got the talent anymore and that is the bottom line!!!! When you can't compete anymore in the NHL, you get replaced, Gomez should not be an exception!!!! Go Habs
  • Comment on White, Palushaj to Hamilton (2012-02-06 13:24:58)
    That is right!!! Why is it taking so long for Molson to realize that? Ever since Tremblay and companie ( Houle) ...... we haven't had a competitive team on the ice. Everybody is saying about this and that player being replaceable, i agree but i do know for sure that there must be someone out there who can put a better team than those 2 clowns. Always will be a Habs fan but i can't stand to watch that bunch of losers anymore