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  • Comment on Did the Canadiens play in New York Friday night? (2012-03-31 08:05:25)
    I was lucky enough to get great tickets to this game last night from someone and was very excited to go with my wife, who doesn't know much about hockey. What a terrible game to watch, just pathetic. You could tell the Rangers were just going through the motions and they were playing at like 60%. The Habs were just brutal, no heart, no effort. What a disappointment. I might as well become an Islanders fan.
  • Comment on A fan weighs in (2012-01-13 18:10:14)
    Wow the average salary in Quebec is $700k? I guess Gomez isn't overpaid after all. Gomez was a bad trade but could have been better if he hadn't decided to cash his checks and unofficially retire while still playing. The mistakes since then are on Gauthier and will take years to fix.