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Habs fan since: was given the rockets auto and a lafleur signed poster with my name at the age of 1... sooo
Favorite current player: price, plekanec, subbal, eller, pacioretty
All-time favorite player: eric lindros, selanne, crosby and keeps going


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  • Comment on B’s don’t take Habs lightly (2012-01-12 00:38:00)
    Lolll baddd move.
  • Comment on B’s don’t take Habs lightly (2012-01-12 00:17:33)
    As much as I dislike the bruins for what they are and always have been.. I like whatt they did to 'this' bruins team. They are a fucking powerhouse. I hate chara ference thornton and all those guys but lucic marchand bergeron ect are really good players. I mean we could have had lucic too but we chose someone else. They're dirty but the don't get the job done, they blow it away. I wouldn't even mind if they won it again this year. And then fall appart as soon as we are finished rebuilding :p