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  • Comment on Subban wins Norris Trophy as league’s top defenceman (2013-06-16 02:01:06)
    Carey Price will save us.Bob Gainey said hes a a great goalie and Gainey always was an astute judge of talent.....like Mike Ribero for Jane Ninima (Ninima was gone in half a year -out of the NHL).Ribero plays with Ovechkin.How about putting grabovski on waivers so the Leafs could take him.)Dont worry-Bergevin will eventually catch Gainey.
  • Comment on Subban wins Norris Trophy as league’s top defenceman (2013-06-16 01:57:00)
    PJ Stock got most of his brain cells permanently deadened when he was a 3rd rate fighter in his SHORT NHL career.How this boob ever got on CBC is beyond me! On second thought.... its the CBC....makes sense.He 's like Cherry light.
  • Comment on Subban wins Norris Trophy as league’s top defenceman (2013-06-16 01:53:49)
    Congrats to PK he deserved the Norris.Bergevin the "genuis" did not want to make the obvious move and sign PK long term when it would have been much cheaper.Now it will cost 7 million a year or hes GONE!. But hey dont worry! With PK and the great Carey Price at the bargain of 6.4 million a year(38th best goalie,losing playoff record,6 years in the league but hey hes just Maturing into a GREAT goalie) we are going to win Stanley cup after Stanley cup....NOT! Who did Bergivin sign.David Desharnais who promptly dissapeared from the action for the rest of the year. What a joke organization! Same brain dead management.But hey can they market a 3rd rate product! Its great when your fans just lap it up.What a distinct market!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 02:07:43)
    HEY BOONE I really disagree with what you said.This series is a microcosm of the world we live in-in other words its dirty,below the belt,no holds barred war. The Canadiens imho did not lose the fights,and even if they did,they made a statement.Its better to die a warriors death,than die a cowards. The refs lost control of this game right from the start. For the Canadiens to turn this around they will have to face the Obvious truth-Price is not the elite goalie.Not now,Not in the future,not ever. Budaj must play for the Canadiens to have a chance to win. Get Ryder the puck in the slot. The forcheck must be adjusted as Ottawa is getting out of the zone easily.This is technical but can work with a modified trap/forecheck. But above all the goalie change is the Key.It will take large gonads to do it.
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 01:56:37)
    HEY PETER YOUNG Things to do TO HELP CANADIENS WIN! 1)Pacioretty is playing hurt.He probably should not have played. 2)PK needs to go to the net.He can do it.Make plays to bust PK lose. 3)Price must not play.Start Budaj!!(KEY) 4)Get the puck to Ryder in the high slot. 5) The Canadiens need coaching help to break down the Senators defense.I am available.I made a career out of it. 6)Need to protect Gallagher 7)Tinordi should pump iron tonight.Need more strength to crunch some senators 8)Avenge Eller.Win for Eller. 9)Better to die a hero than a Coward. 10)Use big players from Hamilton more.Control the boards in the offensive end. 11)Stand up at our blue line more.Cut down the senators space and thus time. 12)Do not get caught deep.Be smart about the forecheck.
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 00:52:09)
    HEY FRANK2468 Price has NEVER,EVER in 6 years shown that he is even REMOTELY CLOSE to being a franchise goalie.The goalie is the MOST IMPORTANT player in the playoffs.Statistically he has a losing record in the playoffs.Hehas,this year the 35th best save %.Anderson is #1. Unless Price is benched and like I mean NOW.It will be over in 5.Thats reality.
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 00:36:37)
    Pacioretty is obviously playing hurt.Gionta too although not as bad.Canadiens need to start a goon to protect Gallagher...simple as that.Also punching the fat walrus in the face would be a fun idea too! He deserves at least one shot!
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 00:33:42)
    It s better to die a hero than die a coward.The habs showed heart.We just need a real goalie.PLAY BUDAJ THERRIEN.Make him the 3rd goalie that Price loses his job to...or Im afarid to say this will be over in 5......Im NEVER wrong.
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 00:31:19)
    HEY CCS "Also for some reason the team plays a better sound game in our end with Budaj in goal?" The reason..Gee its really tough to say but..how about the fact that BUdaj stops pucks,is a winning goalie,is square to the shooter,has faster reflexes,and is statistically better.Other than those minor facts...no reasons.
  • Comment on Therrien: Sens time-out with 17 seconds left “classless” (Video) (2013-05-06 00:27:53)
    HEY OODER Why do you think The habs keep playing PRICE game in and game out when he obviously is not an Elite goalie,and barely an NHL goalie.What do they see in this 35th best (statistically) goalie?? Am I missing something?? HE just does not have it.ITS OBVIOUS to every fan except the coach.