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  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 13:17:44)
    You have never seen a street soccer game. OK! Paved road? You don't need a paved road for soccer. You don't even need a soccer ball.
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 13:13:48)
    I am biased, of course, and would never claim otherwise. I can't get into baseball unless it is October. The difference is I recognize this is due to my limited personal interest, but not something so deeply wrong about the game itself (i.e. 'I don't care about baseball, so baseball sucks. Why can't other people see what I see?'). There was a degree of balance to the discussion of soccer, yes. Which is a tribute to HIO contributors who are mad hockey fans. I was just adding to the balance, alongside Chris and others. Maybe the people in your immediate circle constitute a representative sample of soccer fans, maybe they don't. But I don't really need that argument to illustrate the popularity of soccer or any other sports. Thanks for the exchange.
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 12:30:31)
    If you want to write a letter to DD, go ahead. He propably receives letters all the time. I'd say he doesn't need to receive one from the team, they can just talk to him or text him. Or am I missing something here? (LOL)
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 12:22:27)
    Hehe, it is totally acceptable to say you don't enjoy the game. I don't enjoy watching baseball very much for instance (oops). What gets on my nerves is stuff like 'I don't understand how these fans don't riot when the game ends with no goal'. Or "why would people travel to Brazil to watch a giant snoozefest". Well, it's not a snoozefest for them, which should be obvious :)
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 11:57:04)
    Hi all, The commentariat on the site is so good, whenever one misses an interesting day/week of discussions, you find out reading through the various threads, that the points you would have contributed were made anyway, most of the time, by one or more people speaking from a perspective similar to yours. It is something I appreciate very much about coming here. When I check in, at whatever moment in the day, often outside of high traffic times during summer, I don't necessary feel any urge or burden to register my personal views in support or in opposition to something, because I am generally satisfied with how the topic was dealt with. The herd mentality can be pretty strong on the internet, this site manages to find balance on basically every topic, while maintaining camaraderie and courtesy. It's not said enough, this site is amazing. With that said, I am not sure why I want to comment further. But please indulge me since I have been away). I am so very proud of how everybody has rallied around Habsgod (John) and his son, Alex. John reported limited progress yesterday, but I want to add my voice to the chorus of good wishes for a full recovery for the little boy. I'll also add a thought to the comment Chris made the other day on disparaging soccer and other sports. I don't know why people feel the need to do this. Comparing sports in terms of what's better or more exciting is like comparing religion. It is a futile exercise because: 1) You likely don't have the perspective to assess other religions, since yours is probably the one you know best and with which you have the deepest personal experiences (familiarity or lack thereof creates an inherent bias that often blinds you in the most oblivious way); 2) you're comparing/grading personal tastes, experiences, feelings and emotions, from your own point of view. That doesn't work. When looking at other sporting events, remember you weren't fed the entire menu of sports growing up, in order to choose your favorite sport. The sports you sat on your dad's lap to watch and see him go crazy for, the team's jersey you received on Christmas, the collection of players you grew up following, admiring and wanting to emulate, the venue you were taken to watch a game, all contributed to give you the attachment and passion you currently feel for the sports, teams, players that you like. Those who lived this life-shaping experience with soccer will prefer soccer, those who grew up with cricket will adopt cricket and on it goes. Next time you feel the need to tell somebody how boring their favorite sport is, remember you're not neutral or fair. You're looking at it from the perspective of the crazy hockey fan that you are and have always been. Anyway, what else? I enjoy me some news of DD playing golf, but can somebody please tell me we're inching closer towards locking up PK and Eller for many years?
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-11 00:29:30)
    'It will take an act of God for Germany not to win the World Cup?' I really don't think so, because that is not the way sports work, fortunately. Remember this is one game to win it all. Argentina has not conceded a single goal since the knock-out stage began. The result of the Germany-Brazil was clearly an anomaly, for anyone who knows anything at all about soccer. Remember this is the same Germany that struggled to defeat Algeria and managed one goal to eliminate France. To me, it's not a forgone conclusion that the team that was more dominant in its semifinal match will win the Finals. Now is Germany well positioned to win? Duh! They're one of two teams playing in the Finals. Is Germany a slight favorite to take it? I think so. But Argentina can absolutely win without an act of God. Scoring first may be all they need.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 10:19:06)
    All credit to Kvitova for sure. I don't remember ever seeing her hit the ball like that. In fact, if she could play like this all the time, she would be the world's Number 1.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 10:14:02)
    I think so. This year alone, her progression has been amazing so she'll get there. But she could have fast-tracked her arrival today, having avoided Serena, Sharapova and others to get to the Finals.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 10:06:42)
    It must be. Losing the Finals in under an hour is truly sad. This was never a game. I feel for those who paid the big bucks to sit at Center Court and see the proceedings end in what seemed like the blink of an eye.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 10:02:22)
    Now she's being run out of the building. So sad for Genie who has been playing so well this year. Bright future for sure, but to be overwhelmed like this in the Finals will feel like a major disappointment for her, at least right after the game.