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  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 22:54:21)
    Yeah, but this is an old debate right? Hockey teams aren't drawing from public funds to pay player salaries. We're talking about a self-generating business here (although there sometimes are government subsidies involved in the venture at some level). You pay for attending games, watching on TV, and acquiring merchandise and that's the money being used. Surgeons do a heck of a job, but those playing one on TV makes more money precisely because you and/or your wife can't get enough of watching Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, etc. on the tubes. And btw surgeons get paid handsomely, in comparison with say first-responders. The other key thing is the posters I'm referring to are talking about teammates being resentful, not necessarily those of us not making millions who are ponying up to make them rich. For what it's worth...
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 22:18:22)
    I find this emerging debate over potential resentment in the locker room against Subban - as a result of the contract he just signed - quite interesting. Aren't players used to dealing with the fact that everyone has a different salary? Don't players know salaries result from negotiations between agents and team management based on joint assessment of performance and worth by the two parties? Doesn't every professional team, or every workplace for that matter, have somebody who is the highest paid? I believe the team had a highest paid player last year and every year before that. Are they normally resentful toward that player? Did anything like that happen to Price, Stamkos, Doughty, Ovechkin, Tyler Myers when they signed their respective contracts? Every time somebody gets paid, there's less money left for everybody else, especially in a salary-cap structure. There's nothing new here in that sense. The only way this is a debate is if one believes Subban's salary is so out of whack with norms in the NHL that even players themselves are shocked or up in arms over it. As opposed to being happy for their buddies as they tend to be or at least to show they are... I remember when Gomez was by far the highest paid player on the team and going through a catastrophic 2-year slump. Every teammate had his back, they encouraged him, they defended him, they protected him. We'll have to see, I guess, but I thought this fraternity had a tendency to rally around teammates whenever they feel they're too heavily scrutinized/criticized in relation to their salaries.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 21:32:20)
    On PK being a target, I don't know if that will be a CHANGE from previous seasons. I particularly feel PK was in everyone's sights during the last playoffs and was our best player (along with Price). Subban was definitely in every Bruins player's sights during that series (water bottle and all), and I like how that series turned out for the Habs.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 21:23:20)
    Timo mentioned DD in the same way Timo brings up anything. He was probably less than 0,000001% serious. Punkster responded totally in jest too I find, so nobody was truly suggesting DD has any chance of becoming Captain, or that he could/should be in consideration for the role. The Bouillon "era" has ended, we need to move on. We would have to be absolutely devastated by injuries on D to be in position where we'd need Bouillon. And even then, I'd say next guy down in Hamilton please, until there's no D prospect left. Chances are if Bouillon becomes the answer, we're not winning the Stanley Cup anyway.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 16:20:04)
    A playoff series would be a cake-walk, but we're talking one game here. Operative words: COULD BE.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 16:01:46)
    Give DD a break, Timo. How do you know he didn't grow a few inches in the off-season? :) Seriously, I think DD has his rightful place with the team and that may take a year or two to change. He will be expendable the day we have a better playmaker on the roster. Maybe some people have not realized, he's the best offensive C on the team at this point, in terms of honed skills, vision, and production. Only Pacioretty had more points than him last year among forwards (and we all know what he does for Patches).
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-23 15:32:36)
    Picking up on UKRAINIAN's comment that mentioned Bouillon's alleged opinion of Pacioretty and Subban as potential Captain ('they're not ready')... That statement strikes me as something one wouldn't expect from a player still likely to join the roster and be sharing the room again with these two guys (if MB's recent comment is to be believed). Why Bouillon would make a comment like that, to a journalist or anybody not in the room, is beyond me. So I should probably dismiss it as untrue at this point. But this is the internet, so why be reasonable when you can speculate and stir the pot a little? If I take this comment and link it with the fact that we're still considering signing Bouillon, it leads me to the following... Does anybody think a team could decide to sign a trusted veteran, not necessarily because of his enduring skills or high likelihood of getting into the line-up, but primarily to influence things in the locker room in the way management/the coaching staff want or be their eyes and ears sort of thing? (Btw, there aren't a ton of good reasons to sign Bouillon this year, at least for now) It sounds farfetched, but maybe Bouillon is somebody the Habs brass want back in the room this year because he's a bit old school, relates to them well, especially with leaders like Gionta and Gorges gone. To me, other players would resent any teammate perceived to be playing a role like that. And wouldn't Bouillon be above such a role?
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 21:15:36)
    I don't think UCE was being serious there, unless I misread. The one I disagree with the most is Prust. I just don't get having a Captain who will play 10-12 minutes a night and be unremarkable for the most part, unless he fights. I'm also not quite sure about Pacioretty. He's not my idea of a Captain. I believe you need to stand out as a leader to be made Team Captain.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 21:06:31)
    LOL. Keeping it real, Frontenac!
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-18 21:03:50)
    I know. That was tongue-in-cheek!