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  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-14 14:17:54)
    Really, is there any point on having Gorges on the 2nd unit power play. "Back to the point. Gorges dumps it in the corner." His signature move. If you want to develop an effective powerplay, sometimes you have to think outside the box. And ever since opponents have gotten wise to attacking the points, MT has not come up with a way to counter. And DD will almost always pass over shooting so that effectively leaves a 4 on 4 as he simply acts as a pivot point.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-25 00:12:43)
    The Canadien D was heroic as were Pleks and Gionta. Pleks, in particular, showed why he is the MVP of this team. Incroyable effort. Did not think DD or Max were factors, peeling off a little too quickly every time a Bruin came near. And I was glad to see Budaj come up big. Such a difference when you do not have to be the go-to guy. Proud of les boys.
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-05 10:25:11)
    Going into the playoffs last year, Eller WAS the top offensive centre on the Habs. He was on a roll. And then the hit. Therrien and MB made the choice that they would rather have Desharnais succeed at centre than Eller. Yes, there is the French factor, the new contract, etc., but if Desharnais is not a top two line centre on this team there is nowhere else he can play. He is just two small to compete for the puck. So Eller gets pushed down to play those tougher minutes. It's the treatment he gets from Therrien that bugs me. Sitting him down after that goal crease roughing penalty the other night - there should have been no penalties called or offsetting ones. Eller is 4th in hits on the team. If Desharnais, Gallagher or others get that penalty, they're competing. If Eller gets it, he sits.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-01 14:33:11)
    I think what bothers me the most this season is what Therrien has done to Lars Eller. He broke up Eller's line early so he could get DD going. But he has never made an effort to restore Eller's confidence or game. Galchenyuk comes back so Therrien puts him with Pleks and Gionta. I think you have to give him at least one of the talents up front whether its Gally or Chucky because you are going to need three lines come playoffs with a chance of putting the puck in the net.
  • Comment on Habs trade Danny Kristo to Rangers; Lecavalier going to Flyers (2013-07-02 23:24:13)
    I suspect that Kristo signed with the proviso that the Habs trade him so that both parties got something out of the deal. Otherwise, Kristo was free to sign elsewhere.
  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 11:00:52)
    Noticed the HNIC boys were already justifying the hit by saying Eller had touched the puck and they started blaming Diaz for the pass. Again, it's a culture of blaming the victims. Yeah, it was an ill-considered pass and I'll bet the instant the puck left his stick he went, Oh no, but it was still a blindside hit to the head. Don't any of these so-called "union brothers" think twice about going for the big hit when a player is most vulnerable? I like hitting. Subban's on Neil was a classic. But there's a difference between separating a man from the puck and separating a man from his head. Also, the hit on Eller also affected Diaz's game. He handled the puck like it was a brick after that. A soft little pass to Bourque inside the line that was intercepted and led directly to a goal. And what I'm seeing from Cary lately... he's making himself small, back in the net, down in the crouch. You watch Anderson, he's making himself big, out and square. Cary's fighting himself right now. Doesn't mean you dump him because he's going through a rough patch. This was never supposed to be "the year" but a step in the right direction.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 12:25:10)
    tell me, who are the great coaches without a job that are available that would make Bergevin look like a genius? Crawford has been fired four times. With a good Vancouver team he won only one series. Therrien makes sense, if you can look past his untimely unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that led to the Habs demise against the Canes. But then look who called the penalty- Kerry Fraser who was beginning to feel that he might not be able to influence the outcome of a series until Michel's meltdown. And the French aspect is important, it's what makes them the Habs and not the Leafs or the Bruins. Vive les Canadiens!
  • Comment on Predators put Red Wings on brink (2012-04-18 11:03:45)
    I'm with the old bald bird. Even Bobby Clark has said that body-checking in hockey was devised for one reason - to separate the man from the puck. The reason you kept your head up carrying the puck was to see someone coming. What many call "finishing the check" is what I call a cheap shot when an opponent is unwary or relaxed. The point is the rules should protect a player when he doesn't have the puck. Yeah, the game moves fast and things happen but if you truly want to protect the players then get some refs with the cojones to call a charge or a late hit. What Torres did was a true cheap shot, a player vulnerable and looking to get the puck back being obliterated by a cement head looking to make the rock em sock em highlight reel.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-04-01 02:11:25)
    I also like the idea of trying to pry Huberdeau out of Florida with our choice (but only if Yakupov isn't taken.)
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-04-01 02:04:36)
    Edmonton needs defense. Tinordi, Kaberle (Pateryn), and a 2nd rounder for Edmonton's 1st round pick, or some variation. Tinordi's a 1st rounder with size, Kaberle's a puck moving defenseman. Can Edmonton wait for a top pick to mature? The Habs pick up two top 5 first rounders. They don't need to draft defensemen, they need help up front. Grigorenko and Forsberg?