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  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-01-21 11:15:29)
    23%! That just means that in the games he DID start, the Habs scored the first goal 77% of the time.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-01-21 10:58:17)
    Another third period meltdown! The Habs must have blown more games with a lead in the third than the rest of their division, conference? How do you explain Gomez's ice-time, especially on the PP? His production and effort certainly don't merit it. Are they trying to "showcase" Gomez so that some other GM is stupid enough to take him off their hands? It's not working as he hasn't impressed anyone except his banker and Gainey for the past 5 years or longer. His stats speak for his effectiveness as his negative +/- total has to be close to the number of goals he's scored in that time. Or, is Cunneyworth purposely trying to get himself fired before the end of this season? How else can anyone following this team explain Gomez's ice time and to top it off, as the 3rd shooter in tonight's shootout after being roundly criticized for using Kaberle in the previous shootout. Un...believable! Create cap room, send them to Hamilton, the sellout crowds will happily finance that move!
  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 12:30:01)
    5imon5ays I agree with most of what was said except that Halak was not the back-up at that point as he had WON the job from Price, again, as he had in the previous year. They (Gainey) kept giving "Thoroughbred" Price the "starting job" at the beginning of the season and watching Price implode by the second half of the season.