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  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 12:45:03)
    Hey Y'ALL! First off Happy New Years to all HIO fans and critics and to some people who don't belong here, because they think they know hockey but really don't know nothing! Alright, so lets start a discussion on breaking down the Montreal Canadiens, and lets get an actual debate going that will be interesting. First off the coaching and management: Randy Cunneyworth was undermined by Geoff Molson saying in an interview that the next Canadiens coach with be Bilingual or Francophone! Well, as a previous Hockey Player for Rimouski, I would never play for my coach or respect him knowing that is going to happen. Veteran Players will not play for him! The rookies will and its shown already. Yes, Cammy has been playing but look at it, it takes DD and LL to spark him, when it should be him sparking them! If I can choose the perfect coaching staff, I would go after Don Hay (Team Canada Coach), Keep Cunneyworth as Assistant as he is good with the kids, and bring up there Hamilton coach as an Assistant. Now yes, for all the Quebec French Activists they will not like that but remember Scotty Bowman, Toe Black, Sam Pollack all were coaches and have more Championships then any French Coach! Im not saying a francophone coach can't do the job, however, if we look at History its unlikely. If I can choose a French coach, Michel Terrien or Carbo, As for the GM, I would keep Gauthier for media relations, but would go after Serge Savard as GM and Vice-President as he can do a lot of good! Now the Players! Defence: Gill, Kaberle are good for PK time and for when you have a lead to slow down the play, but besides that they are dead weight. Subban, has the making to be a great #2 however, remember he's in his sophomore year and I believe next year, you will see a different Subban. Emelin is an asset to the D corps, Diaz (not too crazy) but he plays well, Gorges needs to reduce his ice time, Webber needs to be traded and Markov well, face it he's never coming back buyout his contract or try and trade him. In the system, they have Beaulieu, Tinordi who are going to be great for them in 2 years. St-Denis will be a great Defensive Defenceman, and with Emelin, Diaz, Subban we will have a solid Corps. However, we need some experience I say go after Webber from NSH. Forwards (Oh Boy): Positives, DD, LL, Pacioretty, Cole, Blunden, AK46, Eller (maybe) are all assets for the O-Line. The rest, including Gomez, Gionta, Cammy, Pleks, Darche, Moen, Niko (Keep him, but might be good for trade) get rid of them and bring up your juniors. We have some great talent in the Juniors led by Gallagher, Bournival, Kristo and some great prospects in the KHL. They will be great additions, however, we need to get more. Guys like Freddie Hamilton, Stone, Strome, Schwartz. Trade the big guys for picks and get a scout who knows hockey, get rid of Trevor Timmons, he's useless! Goalies, Sit down with Price tell him, he's the Franchise and build around him. Sign him 5 years and tell him to play his best and keep them in the game, and the management will give him all the support they can get for him. Get rid of Budaj, and bring up Mayer as a backup less money and a better goalie. Overall, the Canadiens need to rebuild and it will take some time, but if they can get some smart Management, it will be great so they can start this process. Look at Edmonton, Florida and Penguins. They did not become great overnight. -Habs Fan for life, but lets be realistic.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Happy 2012! (2011-12-31 22:26:11)
    After watching the last 2 games, it has been interesting. The Canadiens need to play consistent hockey, need to play smart hockey and to be realistic, the chances of making the playoffs are very slim. They should drop this year, get a higher draft pick actually draft someone who can make the NHL already and build from there. People can blame Price all they want, however, when they are only scoring 1 goal a game its really hard for Price to take blame. The Offence from guys such as Pacioretty, Plekanec, Gionta (yes i know he's injured) Cammy, AK46 is not there. We can blame Gauthier, the coaches, the President, however, in the end the players need to be held responsible and Gauthier needs to put his foot down and say play or be traded. I would send Gomez to Hamilton just because he's doing nothing (yes i know he's injured). For this season, all players except Leblanc, Price, Emelin and Diaz should be available for trade if a good offer is made. The Habs need to rebuild and it will take another 3-4 years before they can be Cup Contenders and yes, I know Montreal fans can be ignorant and don't know Hockey, but they need to accept the fact that the Habs need to rebuild. Also, we can't have guys miss on breakaways like Eller did today and Pleks did last game. If I were Pierre Gauthier, I would make an announcement to the team and state nobody's job is safe at this point. Trade deadline is March, a lot can be done before then and if Gauthier was smart, go after draft picks and players like Mark Stone, Ryan Strome and Jaden Schwartz who are playing exceptional hockey for Team Canada. In my opinion, the Habs season is done, I would bring up rookies and make them play and clean up Hamilton and the system and start trading guys like Cammy, Pleks who still have value left in them and can get potentially a good player for now and a draft pick or youngster. 2012 is up we will see if anything good can come from the HABS. -HABS Fan For Life, but lets be realistic