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  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-20 11:09:50)
    GP barely played, how did he keep teams honest from the press box? Absolutely no loss there IMO. When he did come back, I cringed every time I watched him fight, I cringed more if I had to watch him play hockey. Murray played that role far more than GP did last year (and played many more games). Murray doesn't drop the gloves that often, but he surely didn't shy away from anyone.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-19 12:43:59)
    Seems VERY unlikely they would make him the Capt. Best case scenario for Boo is he plays 30-40 games next year. Loved Franky, but I doubt if he is resigned, he even gets that many. I have lowered my standard for Canadiens captains over the years, but this would be a whole new low to me.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-19 12:03:35)
    I like Prust, but I do not seeing being the Captain. How would he compare to other team Captains? Will he be healthy next year? Will he be resigned after the next two seasons? Are his shoulders finished? I am in the "give PK the C camp". Have been for sometime. There is only one other option to me: Markov. Markov gets the C, then Subban once he leaves/retires. This is the only possible way I see it going besides just giving it to Subban. I know Plekanec is also being discussed and is a possibility. One of concerns is how much longer will he be here? Will he be resigned? Traded? All the chatter of who is captain seems a bit irrelevant to me anyway. No matter who wears the C, this is Price's team now IMO.
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-12 09:11:30)
    If only I could lead a rich, fulfilling life of trying to belittle peoples posts on a hockey blog like you, wjc...
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-12 09:07:36)
    After reading his posts here for years now (wjc previously, GOMEZ! GOMEZ!), I find it odd that despite mocking posters and how they waste time here, he is still a regular himself. BUT If he wasn't posting here regularly, who would put things in perspective for us? WHO???
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-12 09:01:27)
    Ha! What peril am I in for then? I have been under estimating them for decades, does that make it worse? Please, franco, enlighten me, again...
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White signs with Flyers (2014-08-08 10:03:00)
    Get a Flyers jersey because White was not resigned? Malhotra is in upgrade in almost every way IMO. His best years are behind him for sure, but he will definitely put up more points than White and is better on the face off. Not as fast, but also not as boneheaded. I agree that White and Weise seemed to click when Weise arrived. But then again, it seemed like all fourth line combos looked better once Weise arrived. I am happy he landed on a team, too bad it is the Flyers. I never complained about White on the fourth line and his salary was in line with his role. I think people tend to overhype him a bit because his sandpaper was strongly desired by many Hab fans when he arrived. Finally, a player who would stick up for his teammates and take on some of the Bruins (his fight with Boychuck was a great one I will not forget). I wish him all the best, but buying a Flyers jersey. That would take a spectacular turn of events to ever catch me wearing one...
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 18:29:18)
    For sure, it takes more than top 10. In the last ten years, teams like SJ, Van etc., have had great teams that placed very well in the standings and for long periods of time. Most probably will not look back on them as dynasty teams, though very good. It is all a matter of perspective I guess. Chicago fans may remember these years as "dynasty" years. SI actually compared LA to all other dynasty teams. If I recall correctly, they even put LA #1 and 70's habs #2 (could have been listed in no order, it is SI, so I did not take it too seriously). Crazy to me, absurd even, but apparently some disagree. Hopefully, no matter how few times a team has to win the cup to be considered a dynasty, we don't end up with a dynasty that may have never won a cup at all in the future.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 17:09:49)
    Hilarious then, hilarious now.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 08:50:14)
    The dominating dynasties of the past may be over, but there are modern day dynasties. In the modern day, a dynasty to me is a team that is considered a cup contender year in year out for several years. The Wings team consisting of Yzerman and Lindtsrom leading up to Datsyuk & Zett were the start of the modern type of dynasty IMO. More recently, Chicago and LA. The salary cap era does make it impossible (or at least very unlikely) for a powerhouse team like that 70's team to ever be assembled again. But with good drafting, smart trades and good cap management, a team can still be a top team for years.