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  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-23 07:31:49)
    Never felt the need to write anything here before, but here goes: 1. Glad I cancelled cable TV over a year ago so that I am no longer paying good money to watch bad hockey. 2. From Markov to Martin what we have seen is probably the decisions of a meddling owner who thinks because is he is rich, owns the team and grew up in Montreal he knows more about hockey than the people who have actually worked at it for a living. I am not writing that PG and JM are geniuses but everything done since Gillette was forced to sell the team has been pretty much wrong. I don't think BG quit only because he was tired/weary/lost the desire, he is a smart man and he could probably see the writing on the wall when the new owner came in. Molsons, the company failed us as fans when they put $$$ ahead of wins and now Molson the man is failing us by way way of his ego. (Just my .01 cents)