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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-26 09:19:40)
    Disagree that MT's system wins championships. Look at all the recent winners (Penguins, Bruins, Kings, Blackhawks). They all dominate possession and shooting 5-5. This team concedes possession, spends all their time in their own zone, tries to block a million shots and win through a power play and a great goalie. That is not what wins championships these days. Oh an the other thing they all have is a dominant #1 center (Crosby, Bergeron, Kopitar, Toews) that leads the charge with possession. I love Plekanec, but he is a great #2 center, and DD is at best a 3rd line center. Our #1 stud center is out with injury and they play him on the wing anyway. That drives me nuts. Galchenyuk is the future let him play where he needs to play. If I were Bergevin I would tell Therrien to play Alex and Lars at center and if he won't I'd trade every other option he has until he does.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 11:30:48)
    Don't know why people are so upset with MT blaming White. Sure there were other reasons they ended up losing, but the game turned from a likely easy nice road win at 4-2 with 13 minutes to go, to a game where Buffalo suddenly had life, and they got lucky and they won the game. No doubt you can blame Budaj a little on the last goal, or who was on the ice at that point, but bottom line is if White is smarter about trying to send his "message" to Ott Habs win easily. Send it the next time they play, or now but at least make sure he is going to drop them before you just get suckered into a penalty. 2nd major takeaway. Eller has earned his way out of the dog house. MT should give him a shot at centering Cole and MaxPac. Let the guy know that his hard work is noticed, and also see if you can get that line going. We all know the first line spot is Chucky's in the future, but probably a little early to put him there now. Give Eller a shot with decent linemates and see what they can do.
  • Comment on No time to mope (2011-12-22 10:33:32)
    Could not agree more. This team, as constructed, has very little ability to control possession. They are constantly on the defensive against teams that do such as Chicago, flyers boston etc. This season is probaby a lost one, let's hope they can combine this years draft choice with the past few, which seem promising. And for gods sake, buyout Gomez at the end of the year!! They have more than enough money to do it, and his salary cap hit for nothing is killing this team.