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  • Comment on Multimedia: Gionta returns to Habs practice, not ready to play yet (2012-01-03 12:51:42)
    Start drafting from quebec as no anglo will want to play in montreal......Cary Price is also on his way out , you get luongo ... i am completely disgusted ....
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gionta returns to Habs practice, not ready to play yet (2012-01-03 12:45:38)
    After being a habs fan for 40 years from Toronto, i have finally realized that this team has been run by the french politics. Enough'''' you are the laughing stock of north America now. PG you blew it as did molson, Randy i would quit and come to Ontario and be assistant coach in toronto.. Your all a Joke.. blah blah quebec media, politicians blah blah.. The end of a great organization thanks to the media. trade, sell do it all who cares anymore. You have lost a lot af anglo fans you id...ots.. PG Think before you speak,,,,
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:43:47)
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:38:53)
    to late now, they should have fired martin at end of season. Muller would have had the respect of the quebecoix as he was captain and also helped win the cup in 93,, in my eyes he was as important as R
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:35:34)
    yes he doesnt pass the puck... lets see how long he lasts on the top line,, cole will let him know if he continues to play a selfish game
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:32:33)
    I disagree. he has a rebuilding team in carolina and now the canes are buying into the new system, continue to watch .. he was the system in montreal, once gone there was no system.
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:29:26)
    i agree Ed,,,
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:28:09)
    Eller will be good when he learns to pass the puck and also put it on the tape. he has no hockey vision at this point,,
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 11:24:06)
    yeah i miss captain kirk11. why would they not give him the coaching job in montreal to start the season this year i will never understand
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 09:51:27)
    I spoke about pk and Eller the other day. They are to individual and not passing the puck. Cunneyworth obviously seen exactly what i seen for the past month. This is what needs to happen ,, send down Leblanc.. he is not ready for the nhl. everyone who is bashing gomez well you have a right because he aint worth 7.5 mil. But he is missed on this team, he is always able to carry the puck in the opponents end and has better vision than 95% of the guys we have on the ice now. We need to get him back in the line up along with Gionta.. yeah i can hear all the gomez bashers now, no goals in 60 games, who cares its a team boys and gomez will get our power play going ,,, remember you read this on Dec 23rd.. Here is my line combinations once we get the boys back. Kost eller cammalleri on off wing pacoretty pleks gionta (Moen) blunden DD Cole moen gomez darche Replacement for Gionta until back is Moen Replacement for gomez is noky and for moen Weber PK Gorges Campoli Gill Kaberle Emellin spare is Diaz.. once Markov back Diaz down Emellin and campoli spares.. Power play lines pacorretty pleks Gionta/kosty kaberle Weber camms DD Cole Campoli replaced by YES gomez to move puck Gorges Campoli.. no subban on powerplay until he starts seeing the ice an passes instead of shooting 99% and missing net or giving puck up ..PASS THE PUCK......