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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens beat Cup-holders (2014-12-12 22:29:18)
    DD did pretty well without Pax tonight
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens beat Cup-holders (2014-12-12 22:28:28)
    six goals will usually win you the game
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-29 10:48:19)
    If one line gets hot and combines for 3 or 4 goals to help win a game in which our goalie lets in some soft goals, nobody says that they stole the game. So, why does a hot goalie steal the game? He is as much a part of the team game plan as anybody. Just like the forwards and defencemen, he is chosen because of his ability to help win some games.
  • Comment on Habs ride 4-game win streak into Edmonton vs surging Oilers (2014-10-27 16:20:29)
    I just hope that the Habs don`t consider tonight as a `light game`. Edmonton is finally on a role and any hint of overconfidence by the Habs will, most likely, result in a loss.
  • Comment on Habs ride 4-game win streak into Edmonton vs surging Oilers (2014-10-27 11:37:39)
    A good coach should be vacuous on TV. Bore them to death. Save the real insights for where it counts, securely inside the dressing-room.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-26 08:47:48)
    The problem last year wasn`t the absence of Price, it was the let-down after beating the Bruins. Montreal had by far the better team and should have won the series, even without Price. But, they played with lethargy.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-26 08:45:37)
    The Bell Centre was full for a Raptors pre-season game...and not because of any interest in the Raptors. The Impact draws better than most; but, the crowds are much larger when they are in contention. Unlike TO, Montreal is not big on supporting losers. (In this case losers are defined as having a losers`attitude; not necessarily related to a win-loss record.) Montreal can and probably will be a great baseball city, but once again, we will need to have a competitive team. Certainly Montreal supports our CFL team much better than does TO. College football is well attended, especially on the francophone side. Women`s hockey crowds are improving and are well beyond family events.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-19 10:24:15)
    Of the four, Plecs is probably the least natural fit for centre. DD may just have the best vision in the league; Chuck reminds me of the young Belliveau (never thought I would say that) and Eller is a great skater and checker, but needs to work on his passing and still doesn`t seem to have that innate hockey intelligence. Pleks is more of a fore-checker than a puck-carrier and his passing is so-so. He does have sniping ability and IMO, could work well from the wing-side. Eller is still a work in progress; in 2 years he could be great..or he could be a third liner.
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-07 07:55:00)
    MT shell shocked? MT consults closely with everyone before he makes his decision. As MB said, this is not a boy`s camp. Clearly ,the Habs are following the plan of being a youth movement, and clearly MT is part of that plan. First you erroneously have him protecting players because of their language and now your vivid imagination has him shellshocked.
  • Comment on Canadiens trade Peter Budaj to Winnipeg Jets (2014-10-05 22:46:27)
    Letting Gionta go was, in my view, a very smart move by MT. He was past his best by date and I was not too impressed with his leadership skills after he publicly dissed Bournival by saying that fast skating wasn`t enough. For a captain to say that about a new player is totally unacceptable.