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  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-21 15:17:15)
    While the sky is falling all over the place....they have lost to Philly 2nd in the east by one goal.....weak effort gainst NJ (what else is new) and a one goal loss to Boston who leads the conference. Wow...are we doomed?!?! If things were as bad as many would think....they should just forfeit and go home. I live in Southern Ontario and the reaction coming from Quebec for hiring an "anglo" is as bushleague as the Harold Ballard days from the 80's. I feel for Cunneyworth....I watched 8 games last year in Hamilton and I think the talent is there. Just like it was there with Muller and Boucher. This french thing (I am an Acadian from New Brunswick) is unfortunate and embarassing. I try to teach my kids tolerance.....and we get this self serving anti assimilation message that is completely off the mark....... I would love to see him garner enough success so that he gets an immediate opportunity to coach elsewhere and we end up with someone "who speaks french". The classiest organization in sports is becoming a side. C'est dommage.......
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-20 08:11:08)
    I have been a Habs fan for over 35 years. This crap that the owner has to issue a press release because the new coach is an anglo is pathetic. There is no other word. Pathetic. All I want to know is can he coach? If yes.....great good luck.....If no...get out of the way and find another one. Was Cecil Hart French? Was Dick Irvan French? Was Toe Blake French? Was Scotty Bowman French? (albeit he lived in Montreal).......... Lets face it....we need a french coach only to distract the locals from the fact the team is not a leading franchise anymore. Can you imagine if English Canada put up a fuss if a french guy became a coach of the Leafs......I am so tired of this rhetoric. It is pathetic.