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  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-21 22:24:42)
    That being said, the infusion of Gionta and Gomez may actually be helpfull, cause im really tired of darche and blunden. and if ever, markov comes back half as good as he was, well then they may be hope for a playoff push, but dont hold your breath.
  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-21 22:21:57)
    In all my years i have never seen a team consistantly play the back up on the first of back to backs. Not that this loss is on Budaj but who knows, it may have been a 1=0 lead after 2 with price in net, he is after all the only all star on this team. Emilin has to play, i dont care who he takes out, just play the beast, he is the only physical player we have. Notice how the forwards of Chicago just kinda dipsy doodled, spead up, slowed down at will tonight, they know no ones gonna put them on their ass so why not. This Moeon on the top line is retarded, put louis leblanc there and reuinite him with eller and ak, or put ak with cammy and plecs, one of the 2 at least you may have 1 line with chemistry there instead of 2 with zero. Why was the 4th line on the ice in the 3rd period at all, when it was a 1 or 2 goal game? These guys are consitantly making the same soft mistakes that we yell at our 9yr olds for, weak ass reverse to the other team etc.. the last 4 wins have been decided by a horrible montreal turnover in the offensive zone. Off the boards and out until they win a game, it may be boring but obviously its back to basics with some of these guys.
  • Comment on On to Chicago (2011-12-20 12:50:36)
    Im not from Quebec nor do I think its approprate for the governement to be commenting on what the habs do. However i do beleive that who ever coaches the team should at least be bilingual, not much to ask really. Its not discrimination, or bigotry its common sense that when you are expected to deal with a bilingual audience(media, fans, etc...) you should be able to express yourself in that language to some extent. If i were not bilingual i would not have even been considered for my current position, were there better candidates out there that were unilingual, none that applied, cause the job calls for bilingualism and if your not than your not qualified to do the job. Imagine a unilingual french person coaching the maple leafs or any team for that matter, and having a translator at all media related events. not gonna happen, even if he is more qualified than scotty bowman.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-20 12:40:48)
    Ill tell you all the reason we lost last night!! Matt Darche had more ice time than Cole, Eller and Kostitsyn. That is just retrarded on so many levels. And i dont wanna hear that they were our best line, look at who they have to outskate, shanw thornon and hamill. Until they start playing there best players then they wont win, bottom line. Pk and Jorges should eat 25 minutes a night with that rag tag defence and Emilin shoulod be in with Campoli in the press box.
  • Comment on boone (2011-12-19 00:08:23)
    hello sir, can you have one of your media friends ask the coach an interesting question for me. How does he play Matt Darche for 20 minutes and expect to win a hockey game!! Thank you,
  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-18 23:59:21)
    Any lineup without Darche in it is fine by me.
  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-18 23:55:55)
    Can someone please explain to me how a guy making his NHL debut as Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens would play an ice scrapper like Matt Darche for almost 20 minutes, 2nd most ice time for any forward. What type of result was he expecting to have, Darche would have a hard time earning 20 minutes a night in hamilton. And we wonder why the players arent playing hard, why the hell would they!! Also what i find even funnier is that if Darche was from Ontario the RDS crew would be all over it, but hes from quebec, so his 3pts on the year justify the ice time I guess.