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    I only played to Junior C, but Subban has thrown that same kind of hit before -- see his destruction of Brad Marchand: If you catch a player, square, like Subban did with Marchand, the force of the impact is diffused through your shoulders, back, and hips - effectively a perfect transfer of your force into the opposing player, resulting in their demolition. The commentators (and I did not hear the comment) may have made their points based on the fact that Pysyk is a big boy. Don't know if they both would have been hurt, but Subban would have felt it.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Three in a row (2011-12-19 22:36:15)
    They did, in fact. You can already see subtle differences. Two white jerseys inside the blue line when the opposing D had the puck. That's a big change, and was effective. This was a 2-1 game but for Moen's brain cramp. They still pull the goalie. Do they score? Dunno. A lot more hits given by the Canadiens, largely because Martin's '90s era 3-line team is hopefully a thing of the past. 4th lines are valuable and have an incredible impact. Putting them on with 1:45 left lead directly to the 2nd goal. We'll see. On to Chicago.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 10:04:05)
    Folks. Nice to see you. Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm with Melnick. But my beef is with the language issue, and don't give me this you gotta live here to understand stuff. First off, it's an old paradigm. Paradigms do and must shift. And the Canadiens are in need of a serious shift. Excellence can not be hamstrung by arbitrary and nebulous qualifiers like "culture" and "history." Honouring and respecting French is a no-brainer and language must be treated as a critical component of how the Canadiens do their business. Nothing says, however, that it must be the head coach - especially if it opens the door to the best coaches in the league. As long as the coaching staff is accountable to the French media, with Cunneyworth providing answers, and his staff translating, that is a strong service standard. Now, is Cunneyworth the answer? I don't know. But I do know the organization won't go anywhere if held to a dated standard whose merits are dubious at best, and can only be considered detrimental based on the past generation of results.