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  • Comment on Multimedia after 4-3 loss to Flyers (2011-12-15 23:41:30)
    Hey all, First time poster but a long time reader. I grew up a Habs fan and will always be one. Gotta say, I watched the Sens (grew up in Ottawa) when JM was coach and this is feeling much the same way. The talent is underused, the energy is lacking at the end of a game, and the players are constantly visibly frustrated. This is not how teams win championships in my opinion. There are some fantastic pieces to this team I think, but they are not being used to their full potential. The system may work sometimes, but it's too easy to rely on a system when in hockey you need to have heart, instinct, and a go for it attitude (reference the bruins...). The guys on this team are not allowed to use their natural instincts and are constantly reined in...in some cases punished for playing with emotion and heart. It's really sad to watch. Let the scorers score, the defense defend, and the goalie stop pucks. And let the players be themselves, then we will see their potential. Obviously there needs to be organization, but it does not have to stifle creativity and passion.