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  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 14:33:46)
    No big collisions I mean. You could still stand a player up, rub him out along the boards, check him off the puck, just no big collisions and nothing late. More like how they used to hit without helmets. Can you imagine today's game without helmets? I agree something would be lost without the violence. But a greater premium would be placed on hockey skills instead of physical skills. All the goons would be gone and replaced by hockey players. Without late hits, a greater premium would be placed on speed and skill. This would improve the entertainment value of the game, I'm just not sure it fully offsets the loss of the violence from an entertainment perspective. BTW, in general, Emelin is a very good hitter. He separates players from the puck while rarely injuring them. He occasionally does something unsafe like when he tried to decapitate Malone, but for the most part if everyone hit like Emelin, the game would be fine.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 14:14:37)
    I think he missed one of the biggest reason for high scoring in the 1970s and 1980s, the diluting effect of rapid expansion. The league doubled in 1967 and increased by another 9 teams by 1980. Imagine what the NHL would look like if they doubled the teams to 60, especially without any cap limits to prevent teams from loading up on talent.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 14:00:41)
    There is no question in my mind that the NHL has made hockey unsafe to play by allowing big collisions while checking (should be called charging), by allowing big collisions along the boards (should be called boarding), and allowing these already unsafe hits to be late (should be called interference). However I was thinking of the other side of the coin and wondered why is the NHL so afraid of enforcing the rules as they are written? Maybe the have a legitimate concern and are not just idiots. The question which has been bothering me is if they took out the big hits and fighting, would hockey still be interesting to watch and be a good business? My brain tells me that soccer and basketball do just fine without body-checking or fighting, so hockey shouldn't need it. But down in my gut there is a worry that hockey might lose something without the violence. This is one of the obstacles to change. Without the NHL setting the example, it will be tough to make the sport safer.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 13:37:57)
    I agree with you to let them do things they find interesting. You also have to let them take some risks and responsibilities. If my kids want to play hockey, that's fine, there are lots on non-contact leagues. But I also think a parent has to set the limits because kids don't always understand the risks they are taking. My personal limit would be no contact hockey. Each parent and kid has different skills and limits, so there is no right or wrong answer here. This is just my personal limit.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-27 12:33:22)
    I agree Pacioretty does not need DD. But he does need an elite offensive centre to get maximum leverage from his skills. Up until this year, DD was the best choice. Going into next season, the other centre to consider would be Galchenyuk. If they are not going to use Galchenyuk at centre, DD is still the best choice for Pacioretty.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 22:38:22)
    Thanks, that's the post that got me curious. It's becoming a part of a bigger issue about the responsibilities of broadcasters and consumer rights.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 22:35:54)
    If he hits the wire, I think he's gone.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 22:23:22)
    Like this one?
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 22:17:25)
    If they carry three goalies, that means they only have two extra skaters. With such a glut of forwards and a need to have at least a 7th defensemen, I would be surprised if they went that route as they would have to then unload a forward. But I also think both Budaj and Tokarski are going no where until Price shows that his knee is okay.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 20:54:49)
    @ Habitant in Surrey Your petition made me curious about the Telecommunicatons Act and Broadcasting Act in Canada. I am not a lawyer so I may be misinterpreting some of these statutes, but some of the content is quite interesting: "Broadcasting Policy for Canada Declaration 3. (1) It is hereby declared as the broadcasting policy for Canada that (a) the Canadian broadcasting system shall be effectively owned and controlled by Canadians;" So it was news to me that the law states that the airways are public property. Other lines that caught my eye: - "(k) a range of broadcasting services in English and in French shall be extended to all Canadians as resources become available;" - "r) the programming provided by alternative television programming services should...(v) be made available throughout Canada by the most cost-efficient means;" -"(s) private networks and programming undertakings should, to an extent consistent with the financial and other resources available to them,...ii) be responsive to the evolving demands of the public;" So wouldn't it be interesting if your complaint about a lack of Habs hockey in French West of Belleville becomes the lightning rod issue that exposes Rogers for not respecting the Broadcasting Act, and brings a world of hurt their way? Like I said, I'm not a lawyer, but blacking out hockey games in order to maximize profit does not seem to be in the public interest, nor in accordance with the spirit/letter of the Broadcasting Act.