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  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 09:13:17)
    The lines simply don't matter, the Habs have enough depth at centre and guys that can play both sides that you can literally draw names out of a hat in any order and end up with 4 pretty good lines. Therrien can tinker all he wants without hurting himself, it's like Bergevin child-proofed the roster.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:47:03)
    Plus-minus and corsi stats are better used as a line stat or team stat. It is a poor measure of an individual player as the individual's score can be affected strongly by his linemates. Context is always required, which makes it very subjective and prone to error.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 11:25:02)
    Having the last change as the home team must be a big advantage for some that play their best players alot, allowing them to exploit matchups. It must also hurt teams that have weaker players that can be exploited. As for the Habs, Therrien plays situations rather than line matching so that advantage is probably not really exploited as much as for other teams. As well, the Habs have no real weak players that can be easily exploited, all four lines and defense pairings can hold their own in any situation, so the Habs are not easily exploited this way either. There is also the advantage of getting to put your stick down last on faceoffs, but I don't want to reignite a faceoff debate.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-21 07:56:35)
    But it does make the team vulnerable. We are one Chris Kreider away from heartache. As well, when the playoffs start and players are more willing to play around the net, the advantage of a goalie can be taken away with screens, tips,and rebounds. It's funny though, something about the advanced stats that are not telling the whole story as the Habs are such a great third period team. The clearly have another gear they don't use all the time once they are behind in a game, something the weaker teams don't have. There is something to the rope-a-dope theory mentioned below.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Predators preview: Carey Price will start in goal (2015-01-20 12:10:22)
    I'm not too concerned. The injury seems minor and he is having a career year so I'm sure he wants to keep playing to stay sharp. The way they are managing his starts, the ASG should not be a big deal from a fatigue perspective. He only has to play a period or something like that.
  • Comment on Carey Price back on the ice at Habs’ practice (2015-01-19 15:35:00)
    As Reggie Jackson said, "Fans don't boo nobodies." But he's also quite the agitator. He's often yapping at the players, his big goal celebrations, even taunting the Bruins fans coming off the ice after wins.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-17 10:20:38)
    Bang on, he is just a victim of the CBA. Next year he'll stick with the big club as he is no longer waiver excempt. I don't even think his Dad was putting pressure on the Habs, he even hesitated on the question about whether or not Jared is NHL ready. He just answered truthfully.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-16 21:50:34)
    That's a hell of a great review, this could be published in any newspaper. As an outsider, it seems like while Gillis had some great ideas, in the end it still comes down to asset management, and he essentially squandered too many good assets for too little in return. It sounds like the author was unable to recognize the errors made by his hero. As for 2011, if Kesler had been healthy, the Canucks would have won for sure, which is too bad. The Bruins were really lucky that year.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-16 13:01:56)
    I think you have to decide what kind of club you want to be. Teams like Pittsburgh and LA are among the hit leaders. Teams like the Habs and Nashville are near the bottom of the list, and Chicago is dead last, hitting significantly less than the league leaders. The conclusion I make is that you can be successful either way depending on how your team is constructed. Like Chicago, the Habs have opted for mobile puck moving defense rather than a big punishing defense.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-16 11:06:35)
    Like I said, I didn't see the hit, so you very well make be right about it being a reasonable one.